Mexican decorating style has been heating up the world of interiors for many decades and this trend that includes a dash of color mixed with creativity and joy is still as popular as at the beginning. Hacienda style Mexican tiles evoke a relaxing, sunny afternoon in the countryside or a hectic, artistic, and multicolored dining room that fits endless family gatherings. Decorative Mexican tiles are so well received because they give you the possibility to draw together a blend of different design concepts from various time periods.

mexican tiles decorating a hacienda interior

If you love rustic style, for sure you will love Hacienda style Mexican tiles that are entirely handmade and for that reason, they present a rough and natural look. You will never find the same ceramic tile. Each has some beautiful irregularity that makes it one-of-a-kind. During the process of hand-made Talavera tiles production, we do not use any machines. All work is done by experienced artisans that pass their know-how from one generation to another. That is why you can find a broad range of designs within our collection of Hacienda style Mexican tiles. Over the years we have created a rich mishmash from the traditional color palette, and modern patterns to abstract mosaics and figurative landmarks of Mexico. Our ceramic, Southern tiles depict often local art that represents landscapes, animals, floral patterns, and many abstract and ethnic designs spiced up by the use of vibrant and cheerful color combinations. Such an extensive offer enables our clients to create unique settings in both interiors as well as exteriors. Most importantly, they can find Mexican tile design that speaks their personal style.

For what is worth, the Hacienda style home is a warm and laid-back ambiance where you allow yourself a slice of artistry. Perhaps buying the right windows or fridge, won’t make your heart beat faster but when it comes to choosing decorative tiles, this is where you really get to have fun and bring a little more individuality into the process. Our Hacienda style Mexican tiles that including wall tiles, kitchen backsplash tiles or high relief tiles can embellish any room in your home. We can imagine that the most common application would be in bathrooms and kitchens. But the Internet is full of examples of fresh and stylish unusual designs that apply Mexican tiles most surprisingly. It could be to decorate a dining room tabletop with them or create alluring accents by framing your windows or doors with Talavera tiles.