I want to install mexican tiles on my kitchen backsplash, counter and bathroom walls. How to install them? Mexican tile can be installed on drywall, plywood and cement. They can be use for walls and flooring in low traffic areas.
mexican tile installation

How to install Mexican Tiles?

  1. Find the wall center and mark intersecting guide lines. Start apply tile glue while avoiding covering the lines. The glue can be purchase at Home Deport or any other home improvement store. Spread it with a trowel with medium size notches. For floor tile installation divide the floor area into four squares with your chalk line. Use a square ensuring the guides are preciously square. Use a notched trowel to spread thin layer of mortar covering an area of no more than three to four square feet.
  2. Begin laying talavera tiles from the center towards the wall or floor ends. Last tiles in each raw should be of the same size. Firmly press them giving a twisting motion assuring hood contact with the glue or floor mix. For cutting use water saw. The tiles are rustic therefore not entirely flat. A regular cutter might damage the glaze. For floor tile pavers you can use spacers separating the tiles from each other. Most experienced tile setters install talavera tiles without them as the space need to be constantly adjusted due to the tile uneven shapes.
  3. The following day begin grouting by filling up the spaces with with special cement. Depending on the spaces use sanded or powder type material. It is recommended to use water proof version for kitchen backsplash and showers so the humidity is prevented from getting under the tiles. Once the cement is almost dry clean tiles with a wet sponge. Let it dry and wash the tiles again. The following day remove any mist left on the mexican tiles surface.