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mexican tile designs

Mexican tile patterns can be divided into three main categories. Those are folk art, classic style and colonial patterns. While the folk art tiles display various Indian drawings, animals and flowers as well as moons, suns and eclipses the remaining two groups are very different in the nature. Classic style was introduced in Spain long before Spanish conquistadors came to North America and is based largely on Arabic styling. There are very few colors used and they include blue, yellow on the white background. Mexico colonial style perhaps similar in character it has at least 4 color patterns. Talavera tiles are very decorative and there are about three hundreds styles available in our store. For the most part the tiles are produced as 1×1, 2×2, 4×4 and 6×6 inches sizes. The dimensions are approximate because the clay is hand cut. It requires the tile man to spread them at least 1/4 inch or 5mm apart during the installation in order to accommodate the differences. Finished wall looks very rustic and it is very similar the way it looks to the original tailing jobs performed on hundreds of yeas old buildings.