Mexican Tiles

Handmade Mexican Tiles, painted Talavera Murals for kitchen backsplash and counter, bathroom shower wall and decorative relief ceramic tiles for stair risers.


December 2016

Mexican Tiles in a Bathroom

No matter your taste is, Mexican tiles made of terra cotta will reflect your personality for anybody visiting your house. Therefore, why not to buy the best quality on the market for a very reasonable price. For some time now,... Continue Reading →

Ceramic Southern Tile Style

Among our vibrant and multicolored ceramic tiles with figurative patterns, you can find those that represent the most popular Mexican symbols such as a desert landscape with cactus and a Mexican man with a characteristic enormous sombrero. Discover our collection... Continue Reading →

Painted Mexican Border Tiles

Mexican Border Tiles, Trims and Baseboards Believe me, picking out your favorite Mexican border tiles is fun, but you cannot forget about the finishing touch to your perfect tiling project and not install some Mexican border tiles, trims and baseboards... Continue Reading →

Buying Mexican Tiles in Lots

Perhaps buying Mexican tiles in lots for saving is not for everyone but for many contractors, interior designers or even homeowners who are planning some major tiling work it is a real opportunity to purchase the highest quality on the... Continue Reading →

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