No matter your taste is, Mexican tiles made of terra cotta will reflect your personality for anybody visiting your house. Therefore, why not to buy the best quality on the market for a very reasonable price. For some time now, handmade Mexican bathroom tiles are leaving their revival. Generally speaking, design got really popular once again and it is here to stay for longer as more interior designers are using decorative elements in their projects. One of the emblematic features are beautiful handcrafted and hand-painted Mexican ceramic tiles. At our Web page, you will be able to select between numerous patterns.

Maybe you can get a bit confused about which Mexican bathroom tiles to choose since there are thousands of ways to decorate. First thing you need to determinate the style you want to create in your washroom and the requirements of the space (is it big, dark). If the room has a dark color, but your intention is to freshen it up, try to use bright colored tiles. Perhaps you can check the collection of Mexican solid color tiles. The light color with the glossy material can bring brighter appearance despite the relatively small window as it reflects the natural light. If you have a spacious master bathroom and you are looking to recreate a Colonial or Mediterranean style, handmade Mexican bathroom tiles are a great choice, especially Talavera tiles that are traditional white and blue designs. Desire some classic yet don’t be too rustic? Or you have this old classic layout and you wish to remodel it? You can mix it our Mexican accent tiles with a contemporary flair. By combining these two styles, your bathroom will imitate this incredible and unique.

handmade mexican bathroom tiles

Last but not least, if you go with a Mexican tiles, we have a collection of Southern patterns that will make you feel cheerful when you walk into your bathroom. We offer figurative designs that feature significant symbols of Mexico such as desert landscapes, Mexicans, customs and festivities. Those handcrafted tiles for bathrooms can be used for decorating commercial venues as such restaurants and bars as well. These Mexican ceramics are full of textures. As you can see they can be found in plain, two-color (cobalt blue and white) or vibrant and multicolored. You will find a perfect fit for any style, rustic, modern or colonial. You should only know that they can be used in “semi-wet” situations like bathroom showers. They are not so recommendable for use as floor tiles due to their rough texture.