Mexican Tiles

Handmade Mexican Tiles, painted Talavera Murals for kitchen backsplash and counter, bathroom shower wall and decorative relief ceramic tiles for stair risers.


March 2017

Mexican Bathroom in Hacienda Style

The bathroom is probably the very place for hacienda style and embellishing Mexican elements that provide visual luxury and elegance. Bright colors, lovely patterns and vibrant themes play a significant role in bringing home a dash of Mexican lush. Hacienda... Continue Reading →

Decorating Garden with Mexican Tiles

If your lifestyle includes relaxing and spending time outdoors with friends throughout the year, a Mexican-inspired garden seems a perfect fit for painted ceramic tiles with flowers. Enrich your outdoor living space with vivid color, warmth and a rich blend... Continue Reading →

Can I install Mexican Tiles on Foyer Stairs?

Introduce an attractive and creative design accent for your stair risers with our hand-crafted Mexican tiles. The lobby stairs are often the first thing we see while entering a household of substantial dimensions. If you want to convey a welcoming... Continue Reading →

Green Mexican Tiles for Bathroom

From the subtle mint to the deepest emerald, green tiles can make any space look fresh, harmonious and rejuvenating. No wonder it is a popular shade for bathrooms. Using hand painted green Mexican tiles in a bathroom can give a... Continue Reading →

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