Introduce an attractive and creative design accent for your stair risers with our hand-crafted Mexican tiles. The lobby stairs are often the first thing we see while entering a household of substantial dimensions. If you want to convey a welcoming message to your guests and family, try warming up this area. You can achieve it easily by installing Mexican tiles on foyer stairs. Trust us if we tell you that any home project involving our beautiful and unusual tiles is pure fun and the results are always satisfying, especially decorating smaller areas such as stair risers or kitchen and bathroom counters.

mexican foyer tiles

For this reason, your question should rather be: “what kind of Mexican tiles can be installed on foyer stairs?” The answer is simple- all of our ceramic tiles are suitable for ornamenting risers. Everything depends on how high your risers are and what kind of style you want to create with our handmade, Talavera tiles. The majority of our products from this category are offered in two standard sizes: 4×4 and 6×6 inch. You might need two dimensions for the same project as usually the last step, at the very bottom, might be shorter than the rest of your stairway. As for the type of the ceramic tiles, because the stair riser is the part of the foyer stairs that we do not step on, but on the contrary, it is the most visible part of the structure, we would highly recommend you to consider installing high relief, Mexican tiles. They are the most eye-catching type of Mexican tiles due to its two-dimensional appearance. This type of ceramic tile is elaborated by adding elements that are elevated from the rest of the design which makes it a bold statement. The Talavera, floor tiles are also a great option for decorating foyer stairs. It will give a more subtle effect to the overall look, adding a timeless feel to your entry hall. Additionally, the good news is that Mexican tiles on foyer stairs can be installed in both indoors and outdoors providing water is not going to freeze on them. Ice might damage glaze and cause tile to break.

As far as the style is concerned, there are thousands of ways to decorate stair risers with our Mexican tiles. If you want to keep your lobby in a classic, traditional style, consider placing the same pattern tiles for every riser. This will add harmony and consistency in your home decor. In that case, you can go for colorful or one-color, plain designs. For more extravagant and jazzy look, alternate the pattern used on each row or try using different designs on the same riser. There are a lot of ways to create a joyful atmosphere and make your star raiser tile to be the focal point of your entrance. Combine a different set of patterns at each row. For that, we have a great offer for our customer that will save you a lot of time choosing each design. We sell mixed, Mexican tiles in lots. It makes buying handcrafted Mexican tiles easier than selecting single piece one-by-one. Another idea to spice up your Mexican tiles on foyer stairs set-up is to go for similar theme tiles such as Spanish style with flowery patterns or Moorish, geometrical mosaics but adding various tones on each riser. Anything you go for, there is no wrong choice while decorating with Mexican tiles.