If your lifestyle includes relaxing and spending time outdoors with friends throughout the year, a Mexican-inspired garden seems a perfect fit for painted ceramic tiles with flowers. Enrich your outdoor living space with vivid color, warmth and a rich blend of cultural Spanish and Colonial influences with our beautiful, hand-painted Mexican tiles. Traditionally, Southern houses surrounded an inner courtyard, creating an intimate outdoor living space and Mexicans are real experts in creating bright and cheerful ambiances in their patios and gardens. One of the basic elements of those designs is undoubtedly a Talavera tile used in a variety of creative ways. The courtyard gardens have been used for many activities, but most essential is food preparing and chilling. There is nothing that Mexicans love sharing with their family in their outdoors. This could be a barbecue or stylish dinner at a large table ornamented with border garden Mexican tiles that combine the color scheme of the rest of the eating area. The cooking spot can be also tiled to make a bold separation from the remaining green spaces and to protect the area from stains. Handmade Mexican tiles for the garden are very durable and solid so they will survive many fiestas to come.

mexican tiles decorating a garden

Another element to incorporate into a Mexican garden is water. For the native cultures of Mexico, wells and fountains were gathering places that symbolized the livelihood of the community. A multilayered circular fountain creates a stunning focal point and provides the soothing sounds of running water. Embellish a concrete wall fountain with colorful hand-painted Talavera tiles. They can work to ornament the waterline of your swimming pool if you are lucky to have it. You can make a tiled path that goes from the veranda’s stairs and lead to the area which will make a great transition. You can choose relief Mexican tiles to decorate your stair risers and by that, you make an interesting introduction to a rustic and earthly style of your garden.

Additionally, think of some jazzy Mexican theme accessories that will highlight your Southern style. Bring a south-of-the-border feel to your garden with oversized planters that are decorated with relief tiles as well. Use broken mosaic tiles (that are on sale) to create uncommon and creative DIY projects to add bits of Mexico in your patio such as table tray and coasters, an art wall for your patio, candle holders for summer fresh nights out and many more. Include woven rugs with vivid colors and intricate patterns.  Inject rustic lighting with wrought-iron lanterns and chandeliers. Ideas for decorating garden with solid color Mexican tiles are unlimited and depend on your imagination, and needs, however, we guarantee you that you will find any hue you are looking for, from sunny yellows, mint greens or striking cobalt blues.