The bathroom is probably the very place for hacienda style and embellishing Mexican elements that provide visual luxury and elegance. Bright colors, lovely patterns and vibrant themes play a significant role in bringing home a dash of Mexican lush. Hacienda style tile accents and decor are ending up being a part of modern architecture, particularly in the Southern states of the USA. The days where the bathroom meant only a functional room where you showered or bathed without really appreciating the interiors are gone. Nowadays, it is all about a personalized spa and chill-out corner that reflects your style. Therefore, if what you love is to recreate a traditional but enjoyable style of hacienda, we have all you the tricks you need. Creating a Mexican bathroom allows you to be bold and creative by adding all those jazzy and multicolored decorative products.

ceramic tiles from Mexico installed on a wall of a hacienda bathroom

Many properties down the South of the US, along the Mexican border, have their bathrooms designed in colonial hacienda or colonial style. This particular design is defined by colorful decor dominated by rustic walls, Mexican tiles and Talavera ceramics. On some occasions, the bathroom window is furnished with stained glass with hacienda motives. During the early hacienda construction period, a lot of Mexican talavera tiles were handcrafted with dark blue over white background patterns called sometime classic colonial tiles. Today, you can choose among a broad variety of hand-painted tiles in plain, neutral colors and complex patterns and themes tiles with country landscapes, animals or emblematic people.

Tile is a common element in Spanish hacienda style. It gives bathrooms an added dose of traditional charm. Additionally, a painted toilet, bathroom and shower walls are fabulous areas to create a stylish atmosphere by approaching the design artistically. Opt for just one wall to be tiled in some bolder colors to drive the attention of the guests and family but leave the rest in a lighter palette. Buy something decorative like hand painted ceramic tiles for floor accents or wall tile. Interior designers use Talavera tile as an essential ingredient in hacienda style bathroom ideas. The Mexican tiles allow you to mix and match designs but always searching for a cohesive pattern so it does not overwhelm the eye. Lastly, make a systematic look for the whole space by combining the decorative tiles with ceramic, rustic-looking sink, iron wrought light fixtures and even a hand-painted toilet with similar Mexican patterns.

To finish off with your dramatic makeover, add some Mexican bathroom in hacienda style influenced accessories such as mirror, open shelves or painted talavera sinks and colorful rugs. The best thing about Hacienda style is that is so easy to turn traditional into modern approach by choosing some modern and edgier patterns and introduce some contrast with contemporary bathroom fixtures and furniture.