Mexican Tiles

Handmade Mexican Tiles, painted Talavera Murals for kitchen backsplash and counter, bathroom shower wall and decorative relief ceramic tiles for stair risers.


May 2017

Broken Mexican Tiles

Broken Mexican tiles with designs are functional, beautiful, and practical. They provide a long-lasting wall or surface that is easy to care and maintain. You can install Mexican ceramic tiles in virtually any area you enjoy their warm and beauty... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Tile Backsplash

Many homeowners consider the kitchen among the most significant rooms in the house. Maybe that is a reason why we are willing to dedicate substantial amount of money on creating a perfect tile backsplash mural. We all know we spend there our family time and it seems like the heart of your home so you want the elements to project your style. The important part of kitchen renovation is its wall backsplash.

mexican bcksplash tiles installed on a kitchen wall

The kitchen backsplash reminds an empty canvas where you can get creative and facilitate the personal touch with trim tiles into your interior design. The apparent choice for your kitchen tile backsplash would be to apply ceramic tiles that our company produces in sizes, shapes and designs. Mexican Talavera tiles and tile murals are a great way to bring color, ethnic patterns and simply bright and cheerful atmosphere. They pair rhythmically with a rustic or colonial ambiance but what if the homeowner is searching for something edgier and monochromatic tones? Yes, you can tile the wall behind your sink or oven with a plain color tile but if you still find it too common we have a modern and artistic solution. Why don’t you buy online talavera tiles? Having a great custom backsplash will increase the value of your property in case you are planning to sell or must to do brand new makeover, it will catch an eye of any guest. There are tile backsplash options to have in mind. It can be a one-piece panel or different size tiles. Either way, the shining and dashing kitchen backsplash brings sophistication and this unique rustic tile appearance to the room. You can order kitchen backsplash made of hand painted tile mural. It can be supplied in natural look or it can be embellished with the grout color of your choice. Mixing tiles is a trend that has reached numerous styles from ultramodern lofts to hidden countryside cottages. Sometimes people associate a plain color tiles with industrial and minimalist ambiences but a backsplash will actually add warmth and a little bit of rustic accent. The grey hue of zinc is more suitable for modern settings but it is used quite recurrently in a transitional style, as a complement to white shabby chic cabinetries or a vintage looking range. Additionally, custom kitchen backsplash made of painted tiles are also very easy to maintain and as they are installed in the areas of heavy prep and cook duties, they will get dirty. With copper backsplash, you just clean the surface with a wet cloth and soap and with a single wipe that should be enough.

Custom Made

One of important elements of kitchen renovation is its backsplash. Usually, kitchen backsplash as well as walls are decorated with ceramic tiles that come in many sizes, shapes and designs. Why don’t you cosider using zinc or copper? It makes the kitchen looking modern with some rustic flavour and there are a number of options. You can order kitchen backsplash made of hammered or smooth metal. It can be supplied in natural look or hammered.

kitchen backsplash

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