Mexican tiles are ideal not only in case of embellishing walls and floors. There are a lot of situations that you can use this effortless and easy-to-install material in adding some pop of colors and vivid decorative elements. Bring some Southern vibes to your home by decorating windows with handmade Mexican tiles. Let in a joyful ambiance building up creative and colorful frames. If you own a farmhouse or a village/ coastal apartment, those rustic items will make a perfect statement product, instead of curtains. You can have outside blinds and place hand-painted tiles around the window to accentuate the brighter spots in the room. They can be used in any space, kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms, as long as the palette and design that you have chosen pair with the rest of the Mexican interior design.

Windows play as important part as an element in the house so why not give them a touch of love as well? There are many styles you can choose between the classic Mexican tiles that can go with the existing decor. Kitchens and bathrooms are natural ecosystems for tiling and will look amazing having a tiled frame. Choose the main wall color within our plain color tiles and add bright and bold hues for decorating windows. In that way, you kill two birds with one stone. Your windows will be looking stunningly and at the same time, they will be protected from getting wet or from any possible stains if we are talking about a kitchen environment.

decorating with mexican tiles a kitchen window

There are basic techniques for decorating windows with handcrafted tiles. They can be used as frames to highlight their presence. Moreover, you can tile the whole window recess. Tiling a window adds a whole new feeling to the designing scheme of a room. With the right color, texture, and shape, window tiles provide the makeover effect without the costly expense of redecorating. And, as we already said, a tiled window injects a practical dimension as well: Talavera tiles won’t rot or stain so there is a practical advantage apart of aesthetic.

As far as your design, there are many approaches to tiling any smaller parts of the house. Imagine you are creating new patterns with your chosen folk art tiles, several horizontal and vertical lines. There are many ways to do it. The easiest and perhaps less spectacular is using the tile design and adding bullnose around the edged for a better look. The final result is clean and simple but still brings on some serious rustic or folk vibe. On the other hand, you might choose this space to loosen your artistic soul and make a real statement piece of art by mixing various Mexican tile designs. If you are not sure which colors or forms would make a optimal composition, we also sell those beautiful tiles in bulks, preparing for our clients the ideal mosaic for any home reform project.