When you travel across Mexico it seems that everything is art and the simplest and everyday things inform of kitchen accessories or decorative items embraces the free and effortless spirit of this nation. Anybody can get inspired by Kahlo’s paintings or Diego Riviera’s murals but you can also recreate that joyful, vivid atmosphere in your home with stunning, handcrafted Mexican tiles for sale. Bold and colorful, like Frida’s work those ceramic mosaics can create a wrong first impression of an overstatement in color and designs but when you look at them closely you find harmony in combining the right tones and creating patterns that introduce the ancient culture and folkloric customs. You can become dizzy white exploring our broad collection of Mexican tiles for sale for a kitchen in Southeastern style. There are dozens of possibilities waiting for you with just a quick click of your mouse. Try imagine the dominant theme of the area you wish to redecorate or upgrade, Mexican tiles can be what you need to buy to make a small but powerful makeover in your kitchen, bathroom or entry hall.

Our Mexican tiles are for sale in three sizes (2×2, 4×4 and 6×6 inch sizes) and many patterns. Those wall ceramic tiles can be categorized as classic (Talavera style), folk, Hacienda and plain color tiles. All of them can be used for decorating the home interior and exterior walls as well as ornamenting pieces of furniture for kitchen counters and tabletops. Some of those beautiful mosaics that can be created by either mixing different tile designs or adding broken mosaic tile pieces are incorporated as an art form on its own, offering personalized and strong Southern vibe.

buy handcrafted mexican tiles on sale for a kitchen wall

The evident choice of buying tiles in Talavera style would be for a homeowner with a passion for rustic and Hacienda decor. Handcrafted and infused with the rich history of Mexican art, they add a creative and colorful touch to any kitchen, bathroom or in the exteriors. Non less, you may consider placing our classic Mexican tiles as a pop of folk inspiration in most contemporary or even minimal designs. No matter where you live and how many sunny days you can enjoy, you can bring an element of bright and cheerful Mexico into your home with canary yellows, mint greens or cobalt blues of painted Mexican tiles on sale. Having said that, originally the Talavera tiles were produced mostly in white and blue patterns. However, with time more intense colors were integrated into the artisan’s workshops. Talavera tiles are an eye-catching accent in kitchens and baths with its rustic flair of handmade objects. They cover stunningly the risers on a staircase or the walls of a patio.

The folk collection of relief Mexican tiles for sale for kitchen backsplash is all about displaying the images of Mexico and their authenticity will make you want to sing mariachi. Honestly, they can help you build up a focal point that is centralized in a smaller area as accent tile line on the wall or a mural behind your kitchen stove. They present Mexican scenery with desert landscapes, animals and popular figures (a villager with a sombrero or skeletons of the Day of the dead). Definitely, that is not a type of decoration everyone could accept in their homes but that any guest will notice. All of our tiles, independently of their style are flexible in their application which allows you to be as creative as possible and use them in any area of your home. Above all, handmade Mexican tiles are long-lasting and easy to maintain, therefore they are great for those practical projects that will give you excellent effect in a short period and little money.