What a good idea to add some warmth, positive energy and passion to the house interiors by installing handcrafted Mexican talavera tiles on a wall, counters, tabletops, anywhere you want actually. You are probably wondering what painted Talavera tile is. The name comes from a Spanish city that was famous for tile production. When Spaniards came to Mexico they brought their technique and taught local artisans the art of tile glazing. On the other hand, the Mexicans added their unique way of color combination, fantastic and very sophisticated patterns that you might find in all Prehispanic cultures. The outcome of this merge is a decorative Talavera tile, known also simply as Mexican tile. This artful way of decorating architecture and later, home interiors, got so popular that all the most stunning Colonial cities are floating in ceramic.

handcrafted talavera tiles for a wall

However, the handmade Talavera tiles are not a trend of the past. Contemporary interior design once again rediscovered the classic elements of Southern style and everything Mexican is living its biggest revival. Modern preferences used to lean towards painting all walls in white and install a large slab of marble or granite for a kitchen countertop, but the result tends to be flat nor unique. There were times that rustic flair was somehow understood as a thing that elder people liked. The materials and the election were quite limited as well but nowadays, folk or Colonial tile designs are unlimited and you can find them on textiles, art, furniture, appliances and of course, tiles. Therefore, you can create vibrant designs with Mexican talavera tiles countertop and ceramic backsplash wall that undoubtedly add a lot of character and uniqueness to home that needs an upgrade, and that is the reason why designers are taking another look at alternative relief tiling for kitchens, bathrooms, exteriors and decorative elements in general.

Talavera tiles from Mexico can be divided into four, main groups which include hacienda style, classic colonial with Moorish character, folk art and plain color that can be solid or washed, creating a more rustic. Because we are offering thousands of designs and patterns, we wanted to make it easier for our clients to choose the right one and we created sub-menus with different types of tiles such as high relief tiles that are perfect for star raisers, tile murals for kitchen backsplash wall or solid color tiles that can be installed on bigger surfaces such as walls and floors. Talavera tiles are handcrafted in Mexico as 2×2, 4×4 and 6×6. Get any arrangement you wish with Mexican Talavera tiles for a wall. Whether you are up for something extravagant, including big splashes of vibrant color in the kitchen, entryway or bathroom or you wish to keep it simple as far as the color choice is concerned, you will find your ideal design on our web page.