If you desire to bring the warmth and brightness of Mexican tile designs to your home, consider adding hand painted ceramics that are inspired by the culture and the nature of Mexico. Ceramic tiles have a very wild use in the interior and exterior design as a perfect decoration on the walls, counters or tabletops. The handcrafted Mexican tile designs fit perfectly in rustic and farmhouse’s kitchens or dining rooms as well as in gardens or verandas. Anywhere you install them, they boost the colonial flavor and at the same time a chill-out and cheerful atmosphere.

Nowadays, the Mexican tiles can be ordered in three, basic styles. They can be handmade in a plain design choosing between an infinity of colors. Moreover, they can be bought online in its classic form- white and blue, reminding us of the origin of the traditional talavera tile in the 17th century when it was the most popular option for adorning haciendas and mansions of the Mexican elite. Last but not least, we can offer you complex relief tile designs with which you can decorate any areas of your home and that will remind you of the rich folk culture and local customs. Imagine your balcony or patio decorated with Mexican tile designs, given its Southern vibe, cooking your delicious Mediterranean salad and overlooking your mosaic tiles that proudly enrich your backsplash or counter or dinner table.

popular tile designs from Mexico

Besides, Mexican tile designs rustic in Spanish style can be hand-painted over regular red clay or porcelain which is usually used for bi-dimensional relief tiles. This kind of tile adds a lot of texture and are a perfect focal point so we recommend to use them as accent tiles, especially on fewer traffic surfaces such as stair risers or mirror frames. The parts of the decorative tile pattern that are projected on the surface will be much more noticeable so you want to choose the dominant color of your room for that purpose.

Our Mexican tile designs will look incredible as rustic accent tile in ethnic or boho interior designs. Among our vibrant and multicolored tiles, there are many models with figurative patterns. You can find those that represent popular Mexican symbols such as a desert landscape with cactus and a Mexican man with a characteristic enormous sombrero or Aztec and other Prehispanic designs. They are just perfect for commercial use in restaurants and bar’s decoration where they can make a great addition to a Mexican tile mural themed venue. However, if you are designing your home and you are looking for some fun pop of colors in your bathroom or kitchen, our Southern tile will infuse your interior with strong shades which can be balanced with neutral-colored furniture and appliances. If you wish to achieve a modern design, you can still add the main Mexican design elements such as Southern tile or textile (throws, accent pillows, or wall hangings), but complement them with contemporary pieces. This juxtaposition is a good choice if you are a fan of eclectic ambiances.