Bring some joy to your daily baths with beautifully hand painted Talavera tiles for a bathroom from Mexico. The Southern vibe will inject a bright and fresh look into your interiors and will make you feel relaxed just as if you were in some picturesque, coastal or have romance in Mexican village. Mexican style is still standing strong among interior designers and homeowners. One of the essential elements of this rich and bold design are the handcrafted tiles that can decorate walls, floors and exterior patio areas. Undeniable as it is, a bathroom is a space where most of the tiling work is done. You want therefore your new tiles to be high-quality and as creative and unique as possible. At our online tile store, you will be able to choose from thousands of styles, patterns and colors of painted Talavera tiles for your bathroom. For those of you who love exploring the traditional materials and techniques, the Talavera tiles that are produced today is the continuation of an ancient tradition that came from Europe with Spanish conquers.

Mexican pattern talavera tiles in a bathroom

You will find some modern and minimalist patterns as well but Talavera ceramic is all about folk art, Moorish heritage and Spanish or Portuguese influences which means contrasting tones, bold colors in general and joyful images. Travelling through Mexico, you can discover many examples of Talavera folk art in public spaces, churches, and private Haciendas. Soon after the painting technique spread around the country, this technique got so popular that handcrafted Mexican tiles were introduced into the interiors of Mexican homes, ornamenting stair risers, kitchen counters, walls, pottery or plates and, of course, bathrooms. Once you decide on the particular style of your bathroom, you can start choosing your ideal Talavera tiles. This authentic Mexican tiles can be purchased in three, basic styles. They can be handmade in plain color selecting between the infinity of tones that give you the chance to play with very intense hues, creating a bold and modern appearance. You can obtain a perfect eclectic design style mixing rustic Talavera tiles with contemporary pieces of furniture.

Talavera tiles for bathrooms can be found in its classic form which is the combination of white and cobalt blue tiles, reminding us the origin of this technique in the 16th century where the blue pigment was known as expensive and of the highest quality and that is why it was the popular option for decorating haciendas and mansions of the Mexican elite. Last but not least, we offer you complex ceramic mural designs that feature figurative images ranging from animals, flowers, landscapes and iconic persons like Frida Kahlo or La Calavera Catrina, the symbol of the Day of the Dead. This type of distinctive hand painted talavera tiles for a bathroom is suitable for creating accent tiling where the rest of space is designed in more neutral colors. Think about how much natural is your bathroom. If the room is dark, you wish to use some bright colors that will brighten up the area and reflect light. The Talavera tiles and painted sinks from Mexico are both amazing solutions to add some fun in your home but they can also help you to create the ambiance you are looking for.