Mexican ceramic tiles are handmade and painted with over three hundred designs. They can be decorated in folk art, Spanish, colonial hacienda and Arabic style. Even though most of ceramic tiles from Mexico are produced as 4×4 inches, you can buy talavera tile in other sizes as well.

Mexican Tile Sizes

Apart of 4×4 ceramic tile size, often for stair risers larger 6×6 tiles are used. Smaller 2×2 are useful for inserts and general décor. You can use them on tabletops, mirror frames and for example coasters. Since Mexican ceramic tiles are glazed they are water resistant suitable to install in wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools or saunas. Still, the most often used tiles are four by four and that size is represented by endless variety of designs.

mexican decorative ceramic tiles
Mexican Ceramic Tiles decorating a bathroom counter

Mexican Ceramic Tiles in Bathrooms

Example of decorating bathroom counter with pattern and plain color ceramic tiles from Mexico surrounding an oval talavera sink. You can buy Mexican sinks with any tile design or plain color. They are produced in all possible shapes for drop-in and vessel installation. Use of ceramic tiles from Mexico in a bathroom is not only a great idea for decorative purpose but also practical. Mexican painted tiles are glazed making them water resistant. The only maintenance you need to perform on them, it is washing tile surface periodically to keep them clean and shiny.