Anyone who has ever been to Mexico is dreaming about going back to those tropical nights with the most beautiful sunsets and spending hours on the veranda in an atmosphere full of laughter and good times. Even though you cannot recreate tropical climate, you can still bring this feeling of joy and brightness so typical of Mexican public and private spaces to your own home. Installing hacienda heritage Mexican tiles on your veranda, garden or porch can evoke a feeling of happiness, boldness and that optimism that is so characteristic of Latin America. Remember strolling down a street in the old town of any of the Colonial cities in Mexico? What did draw your attention? Obviously, you cannot reproduce an old Spanish looking chapel in your garden but by bringing many smaller Mexican accents into your outdoor bathroom or kitchen will convert your veranda into looking warmer, funnier, summertime (if the weather is actually cold) and will remind you of that vast tropical coastline you left behind.

Mexican tiles installed on a veranda

The Mexican architecture, buildings, art and decorations are soaked with a stunning mix of Prehispanic and Spanish heritage tiles and the endemic culture that takes special pride in ceramic art. The Mexican tiles, called Talavera tile are together with tequila, tortillas and textiles, the most endemic products from Mexico. Our company continue the handcrafted technique of creating glazed tiles with hand-printed designs ranging from plain-colored, figurative and abstract patterns influenced in Spanish, Moorish and local craft. That allows you to choose the tile that really conveys your style and fits perfectly at your porch or veranda. How can you work with our collection of Mexican tiles for a veranda, in general hand painted tiles for outdoor spaces? Get daring and tile the main wall of your porch with bright colors such as yellow, fuchsia, orange or colder shades such as blue or green. Those bold colors will add light and vitality, without having to put those tiles on all walls, just one of them or a chosen area.

It could be for instance a barbecue or pizza oven. You might choose a primary plain tiles and combine it with flashy, three-colored tile to accentuate the Mexican flair. Decorative ceramic tiles are also perfect for covering the risers on a staircase that leads from your veranda to the rest of greenery. If you have any leftovers, we have some excellent DIY projects for You! Use the ceramic mosaic to design a patio tabletop with some coaster and tray. For those who like challenges, you can decorate your planters with similar colors or patterns. Make your veranda more welcoming and cozy with some Mexico influenced relief tile and rugs that often incorporate large flowers and animals as a central part of the embroidery. Again the color is very important, bright and cheerful tones will introduce homely ambiance.