From the subtle mint to the deepest emerald, green tiles can make any space look fresh, harmonious and rejuvenating. No wonder it is a popular shade for bathrooms. Using hand painted green Mexican tiles in a bathroom can give a meaningful refresh without a full remodel. It offers a sense of calm and serenity. It is considered to bring some balance and harmony to our lives is a perfect spot to create a temple of relaxation. What is more, installing our hand painted Mexican tiles seems like a natural thing to do in a kitchen, the most humid place in your home. You want materials that are water-proof and durable but still makes a great impact in the general interior design. With the wide variety of intensities and hues, green suits any interior style, from the most traditional to the most contemporary.

green color mexican ceramic tiles in a bathroom

The room presented in this post is a good example of how painted green Mexican tiles could be used for decorating. Yes, the example is a colonial old-world style but there is so much more you can do with our solid color Mexican tiles to highlight the flair you want. The homeowners of this photographed bathroom wanted to create a rustic vibe with a solid but powerful shade with yellow accent tile designs that suit the main color to perfection. They finished up their work with handcrafted wooden furniture that elevates this Southern-style to a new dimension. As you can see, you can use our handmade Mexican tiles on shower walls and counters but you can make the best of the green tiles in many more ways. If you check our collection of rustic color tiles you will be able to find many shades. Each of them will perform differently depending on your decorating idea.

Always use the color with a purpose. Look at the atmosphere you intent to create. Make your mind whether the green tone you like is right for that space. Consider combination, proportion, placement for all the colors being used. Perhaps your desire is to accent one of the walls, then use our incredible painted ceramic tiles to draw all attention. If space is smaller, for instance, a powder room, you can decide full-on dark and then combine it with light shade appliances. If you think about keeping your bathroom bright but you are dreaming about details, you can add green Mexican tiles as a frame of your mirrors and install a green decorative talavera toilet (yes, they do exist and we sell them). Use those handcrafted tiles to create a distinctive look and to separate areas. You could install a light green Mexican wall tiles and use some other color like beige or white for the sink and cabinets area. You can not go wrong with them as long as you maintain your design balanced and harmonious.