The hand painted Mexican tile can turn your kitchen counter from boring to beautiful. Nowadays, homeowners view tile as an affordable alternative to expensive counter materials such as quartz, marble, and granite. It is a cheaper but no less effective and with strong visual and aesthetics impact. If you are thinking about a small makeover or you just doing your kitchen from scratch, consider decorating your furniture or appliances with painted Mexican tiles on kitchen counter. The most forceful and impressive area could be your counters or tabletop. Moreover, lying the tiles is a considerably easy task and anyone with basic do-it-yourself skills can install the tile. Therefore, if you are looking for creative ways to redo your cooking space without going overpriced, keep reading.

There are many methods to transform your counters and walls. As you can see on the blog post you can use Mexican ceramic tiles to introduce a rustic glam. A kitchen designer who created this project used handmade white tiles from Mexico as the principal theme and placed them on the counter. Buy some pop up color decorative accents consisting of blue and terracotta tiles in form of the border were added. All corners are covered with Mexican tile bullnose and the same trims were used around the sink. An inviting ambiance is achieved by decorating the cooking area with some additional Mexico influenced items such as Talavera flower pots handcrafted with hacienda style patterns. Mexican accent tiles that were used as decor pairs with a rustic of antique white hue but even if the tile pattern is quite traditional and painting in light colors it still stands out against the white walls.

painted mexican tiles on a kitchen counters

However, it is your kitchen after all and if you wish to get creative, do not fear to add a lot of boldness while you tiling with Mexican tiles. We can imagine decorating your countertop with jazzy, multicolored patterns, perhaps different themes but with some essential, main color. For that, we recommend our painted Mexican tiles for kitchen counter in bulk that have some analogy and can create a consistent look with similarly designed tiles but being used in other areas of the kitchen. The new, tiled counters and backsplash will refresh the kitchen and brighten it up. It will work perfectly in any style kitchen, fid the best fit that reflects your taste. We have many tile designs that suit numerous decors ranging from more traditional ones such as farmhouse or Colonial to modern and minimalist. All of our tiles are individually painted in Southern style and 100% ceramic which makes them a unique decorative addition and a functional and durable material simultaneously.