We all know colorful tiles are an indispensable element in any home. They protect your walls from the inevitable dampness and are easy to clean. Their aesthetic role is even more important and, for that, if you are in the shopping market for an unusual effect, you should consider installing a relief tile from Mexico. As one of the visible parts of the room, high relief tile will brighten up your kitchen and bathroom decoration and add a welcoming feel in your hallway and star raisers. Being a bi-dimensional piece of ceramic, their impact is so powerful than of normal tiles that you want to find them a really noticeable spot. Yes, they are functional for a backsplash but first of all, they are made to be decorative and alluring with contrasting color choices, designs and rich textures.

picture of high relief tiles from Mexico

The kitchens, bathrooms and stair risers are the major protagonists for decorative relief tile use as they are the spaces most likely to be in need of tiling in general. The hand crafted relief tiles can be found in earthy and neutral colors. Earth tones never go out of fashion, and they are so effortless as they match with pretty much all decors. On the other hand, you can buy them in bright and colorful designs to add a dramatic note to the design. They offer a change to the simplicity of the monochromatic (often all-white) kitchen or bathroom. You can use this concept in many ways. For bolder homeowners, use painted relief tiles of various colors that are symmetrical and have a variety of geometrical patterns. If you are looking for something different but still conventional, use them as accents tiles. High relief tile from Mexico is decorative and durable. Tiles are made of porcelain clay resisting winter conditions of Northern USA and Canada.

kitchen wall decorated with hand painted ceramic relief tiles

Mexican pattern relief tiles are half an inch thick and produced as 4″x 4″ and 6″x 6″. Our artisan relief tiles are all hand-painted. The painting technique requires drawing the tile pattern and then pouring paint the way it stays elevated from the background. It is a tremendous work and the final results are stunning. A high relief tile from Mexico is a product that is entirely handmade. There is no machinery used of any kind. Therefore, the production is time-consuming and the ceramic material used is of much higher quality than for a regular Talavera tile. It means that Mexican relief tiles are not cheap. However, considering their decorative value they are not that expensive either. Think in terms of the incredible charm and elegance that a ceramic relief tile from Mexico will add to any room. It is a real artisan craft that involves an ancient tradition boosted by the modern use of colors and patterns. The result is just so delightful.