Kitchen is all about functionality but the secret is in the details. This is where you establish its style and with a little hit of Mexican Talavera tile wall, your kitchen can change drastically, gaining Southern charm and fun. It is the place where everyone gathers to enjoy meals, shares stories, and make memories, so of course, it needs to be beautiful. And it is not so complicated as you think. If you wish to turn the room into Southern vibe, we have the recipe. Introduce some dominating color with wall Mexican painted talavera tile, some bits of accent tiles and pair wooden household furnishings with perhaps appliances such as copper range hoods and sinks. For more pops of color, buy handmade textiles like rugs, tablecloth or pillows for your kitchen chairs.

However, today is all about your Mexican Talavera tile for a kitchen wall backsplash and counter and the methods you can incorporate them into the design with best use of them to visualize a cooking area of your dreams. You should know first that the original handmade ceramic tile products are produced in Mexico and it is an ancient technique that was brought from Spain by the conquerors. Therefore we are talking about a material that is both practical but also that has a great history behind it. The use of particular colors, patterns and designs, all of that embraces the true world heritage of this incredible country and its art, architecture, tile murals and craft to the perfection.

painted mexican talavera tiles installed on a kitchen wall

Talavera hand painted tiles are often used for Southern designing. It is their natural habitat as they are a durable material; they are easy to clean and maintain and importantly, they liven up space and add character. Mexican Talavera tile for a kitchen wall is colorful with contrasting tones. We sell them in plain colors if you are afraid of adding so much Mexican drama so you use them for vivid bold accents only. The interior designers use them to create a statement point by mixing patterns with plain color. Just explore the image. The homeowner went for blues and white and some green and yellow and incorporated decorative Mexican Talavera tile borders with style. There is a lot of tiling going on but still, it is beautifully balanced and elegant. The counters and island is embellished with a traditional type of relief tile that is handcrafted in terra cotta, red and orange. You can find a similar pattern on the floor which looks fabulous.

As you can see handcrafted Mexican Talavera tile for a wall can be purchased online with free delivery and used in an infinitive of ways on your kitchen backsplash. It is especially useful in case you want to accent one of the parts or furniture. The most popular spot is a backsplash wall color but the ceramic will show gracefully around your cabinets or at the counters. If you have an eating corner, a very innovative idea is to cover the tabletop with a classic Mexican tile as well. At the end, the colorful accents and a mix of old and new is what is needed for a happy and inviting kitchen thanks to painted talavera tiles from Mexico.