Imagine a patio dining table as an art display space. Yes, it has to be functional but would it be great to inject an artistic twist with a mosaic pop of colors to your dinner? When we think of decorative Mexican tiles, we usually associate them with wall and floor decoration. However, there is a world of vast possibilities using those marvelous blocks of red clay turned into a work of art with whom you can make painted Mexican tile tabletops. Yes, my friends, painted ceramic tiles from Mexico with flower design can be used for decorating furniture including tabletops and seats and the best thing about that is that you can do it on your own. How?- you may ask.

mexican ceramic tiles decorating a tabletop

There are two ways of creating mosaic tile tabletops You can either use entire tiles or broken ceramics for more creative projects. On the photo displayed in the article, the artisan used both methods and he added hacienda Talavera tiles that are complemented by broken green color ceramics. Around the table-top edge, the designer used so-called borders. The furniture frame and legs were produced from iron. You do not need to be an expert to create a genuine Southern vibe tabletop. You should start by choosing a solid table, big enough to accommodate your family. It can actually be a vintage treasure that you will bring into a second life. Select color can Colonial character to your chosen piece of furniture. It will fit especially well with a décor of Southwestern or Spanish themes. As for the design, just check our web page and you will soon discover that there are infinitive forms to build your personal version of warm atmosphere. Decide on your ideal ceramic Mexican tiles by choosing menus classified by color, theme or pattern. There are different sizes and you can also buy in bulks which turn your project in a very affordable one.

Tiles in lots are previously selected by us according to their colors or patterns which makes your choice smooth as a clink on the “buy” button. Last but not least, you can purchase broken ceramics, perfect for all sort of DIY. Once you finish decorating your tile tabletops and you have some spare pieces, you can consider adorn your flower pots or perhaps produce a mosaic tray that complements the Mexican tile table. When you look for them, focus on detail. Our Talavera tiles are made of high-quality material and with a traditional, Spanish technique that guarantees durable and beautiful effect. After all, Mexican craftsmen have been continuing and partitioning this Spanish tradition for centuries. The maintenance of our ceramic tabletop is easy so do not worry about spilling some drinks. Out relief Mexican tiles are water resistant strong and sturdy.