Do not give up on the idea of having a real Hacienda style swimming pool. Yes, you cannot really use hand painted Mexican tiles inside the basin but…here are some suggestions on how to achieve an ultimate Mexican vibe with our hand-made accents. As much as we love our Mexican tiles made of clay, if you are thinking about designing a new swimming pool you should select material that is frost-resistant for the bottom and walls and then add some boldness and creativity with colorful Mexican tiles in talavera for seeming pool finishing. You still can have a Southern style to match the rest of the outdoors. Mexican tiles are glazed therefore waterproof. Beside typical applications in the house, they can be used outdoors in a variety of stunning and innovative forms. Both Talavera ceramic and the high relief tiles from Mexico can be applied for the water-line decorations and all the spaces around the bathroom including a shower.

mexican talavera tiles in stalled in a swimming pool

A swimming pool without a dining corner is like Bonnie with no Clyde. Whether you have the room open up to your patio, or you placed your table and chairs in the garden, you can create a similar ambiance throughout. Buy Mexican tiles from talavera clay in lots that are sold in corresponding designs, colors or themes and use them to decorate the tabletop or a bench of your furniture set and then install them on the floor to create a cheerful path that leads to the swimming pool where once again, you can count on Mexican tiles in talavera for decorating the edge. By that, you are creating coherence in style and a natural continuation from the exterior to outdoors. Handmade relief tiles would be just ideal as a decorative element. They are extremely distinctive drawing attention to the area you have chosen to be your focal point in the courtyard. If you are looking for affordable option, use our Talavera tiles for the last row at the water line that allows you to incorporate Southern character to the swimming pool décor.

When you think of some of the greatest swimming pool parties you have ever been, a barbecue was a must. Mexican Tiles in ceramic are sold as unconventional for truly welcoming way to adorn eating dedicated space for pizza ovens, barbecues and bars. We can imagine our hand-painted tiles embellishing the counters of your outdoor kitchen, as accents on the walls and countertops. It makes the cleaning easier and quicker when you have a high quality tiling border installed. Another essential for your swimming pool is the decoration of the stair risers that lead to the outdoors. Do not miss this opportunity to introduce more of a Southern charm in your backyard. Use it wisely so the colorful Mexican tiles in talavera for seeming pool you choose are related with all to the surroundings.