Decorating with Mexican Tiles

Not only can you decorate and brighten your indoor areas with Mexican terra cotta tile, but you can also take it outdoors into your pool, patio, outdoor kitchen or garden and decorate your outside walls. Check out our vast collection of Mexican tiles and let your imagination run wild to create a Colonial or contemporary outdoor areas including fireplace mantel. There are many applications for Mexican tiles including outside walls. You can use them to decorate your house exteriors, verandas, swimming pools and wall mount fountains. Since tiles from Mexico are glazed they are water-resistant. They even withstand freezing temperatures providing ice is not forming on their surface. It is important then to drain outside fountains before it gets called and cover them with a plastic tarp when is still relatively warm.

Patio Wall Tiles

If what you are looking for is to honor the formality of Spanish Colonial architecture, Mexican tiles on outside walls will do the trick. By re-decorating your casual garden or patio you can feature a variety of brick and decorative ceramic tiles that will reinforce the eclectic Spanish Colonial feel where the designs of Mexican decorative tiles are used to establish interest throughout the property. You can go full on Mexican style walls and introduce many Hacienda elements in form of colorful and bright Mexican tiles. Your patio might include Cantera fountain arched with Talavera tiles. You can find similarly patterned planter set on our web page to place them around the fountain. Use earthy, rough and imperfect materials such as natural field stone to create the leading paths.

outside wall decorated with Mexican tiles

Stair Riser Tiles

If your living room opens to an outdoor space, again you can ornament the outside walls with hand painted Mexican tiles and the stair raisers that lead there. Good opportunity to feature Mexican handmade tiles. If you do not want to be too extravagant, use the same tile for all the risers. For a traditional style that will never is out of fashion, use the similar relief tile pattern on each of risers or use solid color tiles. For a bolder statement, alternate the pattern used on every row or try using different designs on the step. There are a lot of ways to create a joyful atmosphere and make your stair raiser tile to be the star of the decor.

decorative tiles installed on oudoor stair risers delivered free from Mexico

Cooking Area Tiles

This idea can be applied to the use of Mexican tiles on the outside walls where they can create visually attractive accents. They can be placed as an individual line, to brighten up space or you can apply them on all walls converting it in a focal point of your outdoors. Install them for your outside kitchen areas where the vertical tiling will become a backsplash to your barbecue or pizza oven cooking area. It will look amazing but more importantly, it will protect the walls from nasty stains and the cleaning will be so much easier. Just add a wrought iron dining set, some hanging flower baskets to complete the intimate outdoor dining and relaxing space.