Mexican ceramic relief tiles are such a pleasure to observe but even more, it is a really great experience to appreciate their multidimensional designs. Wen you look at them from far, there seem like normal, handmade ceramic tiles but once you approach them all the amazing details are coming out and you just know that you need to have them in your home. Our relief ceramic tiles are all hand-painted. The painting technique involves drawing the tile pattern and then pouring paint the way it stays elevated from the background. It is a tremendous work and the final results are stunning. Ceramic relief tiles from Mexico are entirely handmade.

There is no machinery used of any kind. Their production is time consuming and the ceramic material used is of much higher quality than for a regular Talavera tile. It means that high relief tiles are not cheap. However, considering their decorative value they are not that expensive either. Think that you are buying an object that was done in a traditional way, that play part in Mexican history of art and craft. All the designs are inspired in local paintings tradition that represents animals, floral patterns and many abstract and ethnic ones. Some of them are influenced by an ancient Moorish art that was appropriated by Spanish culture and then transported to Mexico with first conquerors.

Have a look at our collection of Mexican relief ceramic tiles and we are sure you will get a lot of designing ideas of where to install them and how. Although the relief tiles are a traditional Colonial element, they got very trendy recently with the rise of the Southern-style in modern interior decoration. Many designers are incorporating antique materials with the contemporary layout to create an eclectic or rustic effect. They are available 4×4 or 6×6 inch tile sizes. These Mexican relief tiles make a great addition to the bathroom, the foyer, the kitchen, stair risers or to any room where a pop of style is on the menu.

relief ceramic tiles decorating stairs

The kitchens and the bathrooms are the major protagonists for an online distributor of decorative relief ceramic tiles use as they are the spaces most likely to be in need of tiling in general. Mexican ceramic relief tiles can be found in earthly and neutral colors, imitating materials such as stone or wood and that can be used in more gentle and clean layouts. On the other hand, you can find them in bright and colorful designs to add a dramatic note to the décor and often to offer a change to the simplicity of the monochromatic all-white kitchen or bathroom.