Southeastern style is often used for designing kitchens in state of Texas, Arizona and Florida which are the US states spread along the Mexican border and obviously heavily influenced by its architecture, culture, customs and people. If you have been to Baja in Northern Mexico and then you travel through California you can feel a deja vu as the architecture of those regions are so similar. The same happens with the interiors of modern or more rustic American households. Tourists return from a trip to the Southern neighbor with new, creative ideas inspired with forms and amazing art and makes us spice up our own lives and houses. You do not have to build Mexican hacienda to enjoy Southeastern style. You can add some handcrafted ceramics, kitchen accessories made of copper that is popular metal in that country, or you can install terra cotta wall tiles from Dolores Hidalgo and Puebla. Think about decorating your empty, white walls with folk art and craft from indigenous Chiapas or Jalisco.

southeastern style tiles in a kitchen

The color is fundamental in the Southeastern kitchen style. The intensity of attractive colors can come in the form of kitchen utensils, the drapery, the linens. The wooden furniture is imperative to achieve this decoration but to be recognized as Southeastern, those should be painted in the jazziest tones you can find. Use some turquoise, blue, green, fluorine yellow, red and fuchsia pink. They are some shades that you can take advantage of if you bet on decorating the Mexican style kitchen. Open-faced cabinets with Talavera plates sitting on fabric-covered shelves, a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table, and chilli peppers in various displays all make for excellent eye-catching decor in Southeastern kitchens. Consider hanging Mexican artwork, decorative sombrero hats, colorfully striped fabric or colorful plates to liven up any bare walls.

As far as the materials, buy the most natural and earthy look you can get. If you are installing talavera tiles on your kitchen walls, counters or backsplash, they should be handmade with this incredible deep texture to create a rustic flair. Bright up space by choosing vivid design with ethnic patterns. You can decorate the wall with some embroideries from a San Cristobal de las Casas market, use some pillowcases with cactus design and a typical tablecloth with colorful stripes. Southeastern kitchen style is as bold and spicy as the food and flavors of Mexico. Hot colors and a welcoming cooking environment are essential to achieving an authentic Mexican style so put some Mariachis music on and start planning your new Southeastern kitchen.