Decorative stair riser tiles from Mexico are taking homes in US and Europe by a storm. What was a common decorative form in Mexico architecture, become one of the biggest trends in the rest of the world and who would not get delighted by that marvelous but sturdy ceramic art. There is something exceptional about things that are handmade and hand-painted. There is no tile that would be the identical and perhaps that is why our stair risers tiles are so well-received. There are unique and have so much rustic flair that our customers love them. It is almost impossible not to find the right product for your home improvement project as we offer thousands of them in all possible colors and patterns. The best option for your remodel would be relief tiles but you can consider Mexico and Talavera tiles in plain color or multicolored because decorative tiles are the perfect accent for a stair riser and it depends on the height of each stair.

Decorative stair risers tiles are quite a versatile decorative element. They can be used both indoors and outdoors providing water is not going to freeze on them. Ice might damage glaze and cause breakage. Therefore, there are a several ways to design your stair risers. If you do not want to be too extravagant, use the similar artwork for all the risers. For a more classic and traditional style that will never get out of fashion, use the pattern on each riser or use solid color tiles. You can use different size tiles if you are designing a new home or addition such as an entrance to your garden or patio or simply any transition from one level to another.

stair risers decorated with Mexican tiles

For a bolder statement, alternate the pattern and try using contrasting high relief tile designs on the risers. There are a lot of methods to create a joyful atmosphere and make your stair riser tile to be the star of the decor. Obviously fresh and striking designs will catch an eye of every guest that comes into your home, so if your goal is to bring the attention to the stairs, that is your ideal layout. You can combine similar patterns steps and for that, we have a great offer as well. We sell mixed tiles in sets. It makes buying handcrafted Mexican tiles easier than selecting single piece one-by-one. To facilitate buyer’s need for a larger variety within a set consisting of many designs, we prepared hand-picked lots in Spanish hacienda, folk art, color and Talavera style. It also guarantees the coherence of the design as all of the tiles that you will use for stair risers can have the same background or the motif but painted in solid colors.

If you choose to create this cheerful mix, just remember to use the decorative stair risers tiles from Mexico. As a designing tip, you do not have to worry if the risers are not exactly the equal size. You can achieve a great final look by cutting the tile to the measurement you desire.