Among our vibrant and multicolored ceramic tiles with figurative patterns, you can find those that represent the most popular Mexican symbols such as a desert landscape with cactus and a Mexican man with a characteristic enormous sombrero. Discover our collection of Southern tiles. If you wish to bring the warmth and brightness of Southern style haciendas to your home, check our painted ceramic Southern tile style that is inspired by the culture of Mexico. Consider adding some Mexican ceramic tiles to the house interiors by installing them on the walls, counters or table tops. The handcrafted Southwest tiles fit perfectly in rustic and farmhouse’s kitchen or dining room. Imagine a garden decorated with those tiles giving it colonial flavor and at the same time a chill-out and cheerful atmosphere.

southern ceramic tiles

As you can see some tile designs from Mexico are in Southwestern style. Our “Desert” pattern tile embraces to a perfection a Southern tile style. The painting is made of terracotta and yellow colors, the cactus called garambullo is green. The hot sun is shining on the sky creating an impression of the heat of California or Texas states during the summer season. If you have been to Mexico, for sure you loved its nature, incredibly vast, desert lands that seem that have no end. Certainly, you felt in love with Colonial architecture and pre-Hispanic remains and ruins. We are trying to integrate that outstanding beauty in our handmade ceramics from Mexico for a kitchen.

hand painted southern style tiles

Additionally, our painted ceramic Southern tile style will look incredible as Mexican accent tiles in ethnic or boho interior designs. They are just perfect for commercial use in restaurants and bar’s decoration where they can make a good addition to a Mexican themed venue. However, if you are designing your home and you are looking for some fun pop of colors in your bathroom or kitchen, our painted Southern tile style will infuse your interior with great and strong shades which can be balanced with neutral colored furniture and appliances. If you want to achieve a more modern, you can still add the main Mexican design accents such as Southern tiles or textile (throws, accent pillows, or wall hangings), but complement them with contemporary pieces. This juxtaposition is a fine choice if you are a fan of eclectic ambiances.

Apart from Mexican tiles decorated with Southern style, we are offering on our web page bath accessories or even toilets hand painted with similar designs. It makes it possible to decorate the entire bathroom with alike pattern. By introducing any number of these elements into your home, you can get a bit of Mexico’s soulful style.