Incredibly decorative Mexican trim tiles are a must when adding Southern style to the estate interiors and outdoors. Versatile as they are, they can be installed in almost every area of your home. You simply can not make remodeling without corresponding the rest of the surface Mexican trims. Our lead-free ceramic tiles from Dolores Hidalgo such as bullnose, V-cap, cornice, corners and mouldings are ideal for construction, renovation and décor projects. They work well with any style with California or Texas flavour. Our stunning hand painted azulejos can be used to decorate kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms and gardens.

wall decorated with mexican trim tiles including cornice, bullnose and pencil

If you are not a contractor is very probable that you have never heard of Mexican trim tiles even though they are a very important element wall finishes touches. The Mexican trims, rope, cornice and pencil are placed along the edges. They can be useful in various areas of the house, including in the kitchen, bathroom and living room. Handcrafted trim tiles are often used to complete a tiled design, such as a backsplash or a counter-top. They are also used to accent the area surrounding bathtubs and showers. Trim tiles are especially important when they are mixed with another surface or with a different size. They may be curved on one side in order to minimize sharp edges on angles.

There are many styles of trim tile available in our online outlet store. Pencil and V-cap tiles that can be installed on counters for instance. As for the bullnose trim, it is painted in all shades and patterns. You can buy them in four or six inches long option. The V-cap tiles are made as 4″. The other side is two inch wide of both sides. In case of a pencil trim tiles, you can select them in either option.

Mexican bathroom wall covered with Talavera requires trim, cornice and bullnose trim tiles. Without the entire project would seam unfinished. All of them, regardless of their shape, size and application, are for sale in corresponding colors. Mexican trim tiles including rope can be handmade with solid and washed patterns. Occasionally, interior architects and designers decide to use contrasting pallet as accents. The use of talavera trim, rope and cornice tiles is common for decorating Spanish hacienda, country and Southeastern homes. No doubt you will find a design of your trim tile that will suit any other interior. You can use plain that dominate the space and add vivid colours with more narrower tiles for Mexican kitchen tile backsplash for instance.

You can expect about four to five weeks for your Mexican trim tiles to be delivered including production. We offer on all small and large orders free shipping from Mexico to the mainland USA.