Those who travel to Texas, Arizona, Florida or California usually get bewitched by the beauty of handmade tiles. They are a great pride and tradition of Mexico craftsmen. The handcrafted Southwest ceramic tiles from Mexico embrace all of the characteristics of incredible country that many fell in love from the first visit. Its vivid colors, joy, the art of Mayan and Aztec civilization blend nicely with Spanish tradition. Some of them display even a sense of humor.

Therefore if you wish to bring the warmth and brightness of Southern style hacienda to your home, check our collection of hand painted Southwest tiles that are inspired by the culture and the nature of central Mexico. Consider adding some painted ceramic tiles to the house interiors by installing them on the walls, counters or table tops. The handcrafted ceramic tiles fit perfectly in your bright kitchen or dining room as well as in exteriors. Imagine a garden decorated with those tiles giving your terrace more colonial style bringing closer to famous Southern city of Spain, la Talavera de la Reina.

southwest mexican ceramic tiles

And where better to buy handcrafted Southwest ceramic tiles if not directly from the origin. Our company is placed in a heart of this incredible country. For years, we have been proudly continuing the tradition of tile craft, manufacturing and painting them manually. Our employees are professional and efficient staff using production techniques passed from one to the other generation. The result of is stunning and unique product that you can find only in our Southwest tile collection. For more innovative decoration projects, we highly recommend Mexican mixed folk tile lots made of geckos, flowers, animal images and butterfly. There is an excellent choice for decorating bathroom walls and shower, kitchen counters and backsplash, interior stair risers and many other house section outdoors and indoors. Mexican desert designs such as “Cactus” or, “Nopal” will look amazing as a ceramic accent tile among plain color main theme. There are stunning pieces of Mexico art resembling the nature of Northern parts of this vast country with its varied environment. Those patterns include mostly yellow, green and terracotta palette. Mexican Talavera tiles can be also used for DIY kitchen small spaces. We can easily imagine decorating a mirror frame with them or placing them as a table top in your Southern inspired garden. They can be used for cup coaster.

Apart from their beauty and uniqueness, hand-painted Southwest ceramic tiles are also practical easy to clean. They have glazed surface protecting the painting. You can install them in any area of your home including kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, fountain and swimming pool.