Mexican bathroom design is greatly influenced by its Spanish colonial past but also by its coastal and desertic landscapes, creating a fascinating blend of styles. The beautiful colours and patterns lend themselves perfectly to bathrooms big and small, embellished by handmade ceramic tiles, sinks and even toilets.

mexican bathroom tiles

The first thing that we can associate with the Mexican style in interior design is a burst of vivid and bright colors, warm and comfortable spaces. A Mexican bathroom, therefore, creates a happy ambience where you can relax and recharge your batteries surrounded by old world charm vanities and accessories. Being a company that is 100% based in this amazing country known by high-quality, creative and artful craft, all of our Mexican bathroom products are authentic and have this rustic feel of a handmade production. The most popular product sold on our page that fits the scenery of Southwest style is a handcrafted, ceramic sink. Powder room or spacious master bath, any bathroom can get spiced up with our Talavera sinks created in any shape and size. Until now the most popular products from Mexico were oval sinks for undermount drop-in counter installation. The latest trend however in rustic home improvement is round and rectangular vessel model. If what you want is to change slightly the decoration of your lavatory, hand-made Talavera sink is a great option for you.

You can also find traditional, Talavera design where you least would expect it, on the toilet set. We are offering Mexican bathroom sets consisting of Mexican hand-crafted toilet with seat and ceramic accessories (such as soap dish, towel holder and toilet tissue holder). Therefore you can pair colonial-inspired Mexican sets with white walls and a large mirror, adding depth and lightness that enlarges the space. To create a perfect Mexican bathroom, you may consider using Talavera, ceramic tiles in bright colors such as terracotta, blue or yellow for walls, installing traditional and rustic sink decorated in Mexican motifs as well and some wooden, old looking chest for instance or a copper vintage bathtub that we also produce. Our Mexican hand painted toilet is a compact one-piece toilet that integrates the tank and bowl into a cohesive design. Its unique and distinguished style will add a fun and charming element to your bathroom. All of those bathroom products are hand-painted in Dolores Hidalgo. The town is located in central Mexico and is the best source of furnishings for Mexican bathroom.