Mexican clay tiles are a great complement to colorful and vivid decorative Talavera tiles, both made in a beautiful, traditional way by Mexicans craftsmen. The real beauty of those hand-made materials consists of natural variations and imperfections in each piece adding to its uniqueness. High-temperature fired clay tiles will be a durable and functional addition in any rustic and Southern-style remodelling projects.

mexican red clay tiles

Mexican clay tiles are made of three regional clays. Some of them are available locally in Dolores Hidalgo and others come from San Luis Potosi. This splendid and valuable mixture of clays and topsoils rich in minerals is what produces a rich and unique tone ranging from red, orange to brownish. As for the production process, it consists of mixing clays creating red clay tile mixture. Once it is semi-dry, our artisans in ceramics, cut it into four by four or six by six-inches tiles. The squares are fired for the first time in wood ovens and then painted white. As soon as they are ready local Talavera artists hand-paint designs on the top of them and fire the tiles once more in the industrial ovens. It takes eight hours and high temperature to melt the paint and for the glaze to appear. Mexican clay tiles are most often used for decorating kitchen walls or floors and the Mexican Talavera tiles for backsplashes, bathroom counters, showers, swimming pools’ waterline. Quite often handcrafted tiles from Mexico are installed among larger red clay tiles on the floor as accents. The Talavera tile has, therefore, higher glaze than a Mexican clay tile that is known for its natural, rough and highly rustic look.

You can install a hand-made clay tile in a variety of interior and exterior applications, as long as the tile is not exposed to extreme freezing. They are also suitable for commercial use in restaurants or bars. Some as classic Talavera tile, Mexican clay tile is functional, and beautiful and adds earthly and unusual character to any space. You would definitely love to incorporate this material if you wish to create a farmhouse feel or Mexcian Hacienda vibe. Furthermore, it is easy to care and maintain which is always a big plus! In addition to Mexican clay tile and dazzling patterned tiles, a customer might add some eye-catching textures and colors with high relief tiles whose production is the most time and labor-consuming of all three of them. The Mexican relief tiles can also be easily matched with larger, red clay tiles