Recreate that joyful and vivid atmosphere of Mexico in your own home! Adding our stunning, handcrafted and cheap Mexican tiles will be the most effortless to bring come hacienda vibe into your cottage or even in an apartment. Yes, it will take a little bit longer than buying in your local shop but believe us, you won’t find such a variety and quality in ceramic craft in any other country rather than Mexico. Therefore, if your remodelling project include tile work and you want to achieve a rustic or farmhouse feel in bathrooms, kitchens or patios, discover our amazing collection of hand-made ceramic tiles that consists of beautiful kitchen tile murals, discounted lots with similar designs and stunning high relief tiles.

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Normally, you can find two or three different models of tiles that resemble Talavera tiles style but in reality, they have very few in common with this rich and complex tradition of Mexican craft. The texture and feel of tiles made manually form Mexican red clay is incomparable. Cheap Mexican tiles are the result of more affordable labour cost and not poor quality. The most distinguished ceramic hubs in the country of mariachis are Puebla de Zaragoza and Dolores Hidalgo, where our workshops are located. The town is located about eight hundred miles south of the US border but you can buy your exquisite patterns just with a click of your mouse. The delivery will be faster if you buy it from your local distributor but wait and see those intensely vivid colors, Moorish and Mediterranean patterns that will turn a usual room into Colonial residency. To compensate the buyer longer shipping time, offers free delivery.

Our Mexican, handcrafted tiles are for sale in two different sizes (4×4 and 6×6 inch) and countless patterns. To make the decision process a little bit easier for our clients we have created several sub-menus according to the type of a tile, the color or application (like Mexican floor tiles or Mexican trim tiles). The easiest way to differentiate our cheap Mexican tiles is by the pattern that was used to decorate them. Our clients can choose between classic Talavera patterns that usually incorporate two or three colors with flowery designs and Mediterranean touch. Then there are more complex geometrical mosaics that corresponds to the Moorish heritage in ceramic art and last but not least we have many vivid and cheerful tiles with figurative patterns of Mexican landmarks, animals and people.