The rustic look and shiny gloss of glazed tiles are not only reserved for walls or counters. Imagine an intriguing dining room or patio set decorated with hand-made, varicolored Mexican tiles. Talavera tile tabletops will add to summer outdoor dinners and living rooms gatherings cheerful, mosaic atmosphere. Turn your regular table into a manifest of old-world art.

The great majority of Talavera tile tabletops are meant for gardens, patios and verandas. No doubt, those decorative ceramic tiles match with other tiling projects such as swimming-pool area, barbecue and pizza oven or even fountain surrounds. Offering endless designing possibilities, it will be an effortless task and real pleasure for the homeowners or their interior designers to pick the right pattern and color palette for your new or recycled table. The Mexican, handcrafted tiles were ( and still are) a symbol of prosperity and high status. Therefore, since getting to North America in the XVI century, Talavera craft had embellished most important landmarks in Mexico from cathedrals, royal mansions to public areas such as squares, fountains and main streets. You can create similar stylish and lavish ambience in the intimacy of your home. You can easily use handcrafted Talavera tiles to cover table and chairs to design a fashionable dining assembly. If you want to go full on Mexican trend, you can spice up your dining area with some accent tiles on your walls or open concept cabinets. Some striking high-relief tiles would look amazing in this Southern-inspired set-up. Our tiles are made of sustainable materials and paints that do not include lead that was damaging to health.

Talavera tile tabletops use countless models of decorative Mexican tiles and their combination. You might use just one type of pattern or each tile square can have a distinct design but hand-painted in similar hues and tones. Another entertaining idea is to adorn your table with broken Mexican tiles that we also sell on our Web page. To finish the design install some beautiful border tiles that will add a wow factor to the final look. If you want to save some time of scrolling through thousands of tile models, check our offers for tiles in lots. Create a rustic, warm atmosphere with Mexican accents. Comfortable and folkloric cushions and table linen will be a great addition to accommodate your family and friends during numerous dinners and other gatherings.