One of ours most popular collection is the Classic Mexican Tiles line but you might be wondering what does a traditional Mexican tile stand for. Those who have visited this beautiful country probably know that Mexican pottery is very versatile and represents folk art that is a blend of not only indigenous civilisations but also foreign cultures that had a great impact on Mexican craft. Today we want to talk about Talavera Mexican pottery that had established the classic Mexican tiles style.

Even though the oldest pottery pieces from Mesoamerica are 4500 years old and all the ethnic groups from Mexico have their own, characteristic pottery, the Talavera Mexican tiles and other ceramic items had originated with the conquest of the Americas around the XVI centuries. Spain was the country that had the biggest impact on what is today known as Talavera ceramic from Mexico. Centuries before the Spanish colonisation, the local artists would create wonderful clay-made items such as figures of fauna and flora of this bio-diversified country or figurative representations of gods or even domestic wares. To decorate those items they would use natural pigments so often the designs would faint with time. However, the Spaniards introduced the potter’s wheel, the enclosed kiln, lead glazes, pigments extracted from metal oxides and most importantly for us shapes such as the tile. From the encounter of local pottery artists that were familiar with endemic symbols and designs with European technology, classic Mexican tiles were born. Talavera ceramic production that came from the South of Spain village by the same name- Talavera de la Reina- became one of the most acknowledged crafts in the Mexican city, Puebla. Until now thousands of tourists visit Puebla and the second biggest pottery hub, the state of Guanajuato, to get the most authentic, ceramic gems and bring them back as the most cherished souvenir.

Our company continues this remarkable work by offering traditional and more contemporary designs of Mexican Talavera tiles. With our Classic Mexican Tiles line, we want to pay tribute to centuries-old tradition. If you check our online store you will discover many two-color, rustic tiles that have both Mexican and Spanish flair. It is not only a white and blue combination but most of the decorative, Mexican tiles have a vintage white background and other colors such as blue, green, terracotta or yellow. If you are looking for a real explosion of colors we recommend you to check our high relief tiles or Mexican tile designs collections.