A beautifully ensembled fireplace will light up any space. It is a great way of adding a statement into your living room. People associate a fireplace with a cozy, warm atmosphere to the extent that even a non-working fireplace is quite a popular idea for a quick upgrade. To create an unusual and stunning area, you can decorate the wall with glass, stone, or Talavera tiles around the fireplace. Following this creative idea can help you dress up the hearth without relying on fire, and simultaneously will add rustic and Southern flair.

Ceramic Talavera tiles are usually used in spaces where you want a smooth surface that is easy to maintain, durable, and quick to clean. Kitchens and bathrooms are Mexican decorative tiles‘ first choice of course. However, an area of a working fireplace will also need a sturdy and trustworthy material to go around and protect walls and floors. That is why more and more homeowners opt for adding stone or ceramic tiles around the firebox and mantel. Normally, you want your fireplace to be in a centre of the room so it can first and foremost heat the room evenly and secondly because it serves as the focal point for the whole space. Your fireplace does not have to look very traditional. Do not be afraid to use colorful Talavera tiles with textures such as high-relief tiles.

Consider decorating the fireplace area is a wonderful opportunity to showcase much more than a fire. A non-working fireplace with its mantel can become a storing unit for books, or artwork. If you discover our extended collection of Mexican tile designs, you will be able to create one-of-a-kind décor. Use the fireplace mantel as a shelve for instance where you can match some pieces of artwork with our exceptional Mexican wall tiles. Another idea is to find Mexican ceramic plates or beautiful planters to put close to the fireplace to create your intimate Mexican spot to hang around with friends and family. If you are looking for something more subtle and less busy, have a look at our selection of solid color Talavera tiles in cobalt blue, yellow, green, brown, green, and more. You will benefit from their durability and convenience of installation. Mexican Talavera tiles around the fireplace will always be a good decor decision if you are looking for a pop of color and unusual texture for your living room or outdoor patio.