You can buy Mexican Folk Art Tiles for decorating backsplash wall with different designs randomly selected and supplied together. You can order a set of plain color tiles and that of course depends on your home decoration in general. Since our artisans in Mexico are using lead free paint, they can be installed around food preparation areas of the kitchen and bar. For those would like to add warmth to the interiors, considering getting bright colored may the way to go. For more traditional homes, perhaps blue on the dark background ceramics could be their best tile option.

Mixed Tile Designs

In our product category with mixed tile designs we have a number of options. You can select a lot handmade of Spanish tiles only. They do not include folk art nor single tone. Most of them are multicolored with complicated artwork. This group is the largest produced in Dolores Hidalgo as most buyers are interested in converting their houses or apartments into Southern or Southeastern style homes.

Painted Tiles

Hand painted tiles can be solid or washed. The effect is achieved by pouring colorant on a white ceramic. Once fired thickness of the exterior layer make it darker or lighter, more or less semitransparent. If you add to then look over all slightly chipped corners, Mexican tile made that way has centuries old appearance even though it is brand new.

Folk Patterns

When Mexican folk tile patterns are concerned, there are many. We offer them with floral, celestial and animal designs. There are multiple variations of each. For example gecko called sometimes lizards can be handcrafted in one color and the background in the other. Since there are two maim colors in the design just imagine the combination you can crate by mixing the pallet commonly used in Mexico for decorating ceramic tiles. It is endless.

mexican ceramic tiles with folk design

Decorative Mexican talavera murals for walls are painted using 4×4 and 6×6 tiles.

Celestial talavera tiles consist of wonderful stars, moons, suns and eclipse which is a real heat for shipments overseas. There are funny sons, sad, dancing and flying. There are as many versions as the artisan can simply imagine. In vast majority they are white with some gold or black accents applied over cobalt. It make them more visible as well as gives night sky appearance.

Flower is a popular subject to put on the tile as center point. There are roses that seams real and other are simply interpretations of the artist decoration the tiles. Some flowers are completely imaginary but still beautiful.