Painted Ceramic Tiles

Painted ceramic tiles are a trendy designing element right now that can be used in multiple interior areas from a kitchen, bathroom. You can use them for exterior fountains, stairs, door frames or just as an accent to bright the spaces. Take a look at our hand painted tiles and you will see there is no limit in colours and patterns. Anything you imagine, we have it. We make it easier for you to choose your favourite piece of ceramic art and created various categories so you can look for them by colour or theme. They are fabricated in Dolores Hidalgo region that embraces the tradition of painted colonial ceramics. Their tradition of blending Spanish Talavera with rich Mexican decorating techniques.

mexican ceramic tile

Mexican Tiles Designs

Discover one of our designs, Mexican style tile ideal for a backsplash, bath walls and stairs. It is handmade ceramic decorated in green, terra cotta, yellow with a folk design. Looking to give your bathroom a little refresh without a full remodel? You should consider green in your colour scheme. It can make any space looking fresh, natural and rejuvenating. No wonder it is a popular shade for bath rooms. Many people see the that section of the house as a space to calm down and relax. “Luciana” painted ceramic tiles will look great featured in a white theme space giving the right amount of rustic accent but still keeping it light. Just add perhaps a tile handmade tin mirror, using the same design and you are decorating Southwester bathroom. Our painted ceramic tiles are by far one of the best ways to add Mexican flair to your interiors. They are a unique idea to give charm, brightness and tranquility to home. Whether you are tiling your walls, furniture or floor you have many shapes, patterns and sizes to choose from.

Tiles Installation

Painted ceramic tiles “Luciana” style can be purchased in all standard sizes. One of the most popular sizes in Mexico that are meant for a kitchen backsplash, counter and shower walls are 4×4 inches. However, the same tile design can be found as 6×6 and 2×2. The smallest type is often used for accenting the interiors. It could be used as a backsplash border or decorating open shelves. The medium size is used frequently for decorating dining tabletops. The largest one could be great material for decorating stairs risers as well as outdoors, providing they are covered and no water is going to freeze on their surface. Average ceramic painted tiles delivery from Mexico to the US buyers is four weeks, providing the design size is in stock. Otherwise, it can take several weeks for our artisans to hand made the tiles but still, you get a great value and an exclusive product.