Backslash is not only functional, protecting your wall from splashes and spills, but it can become a real fashion statement too. Enjoy yourself, and get creative with your Mexican day of the dead tile murals for backsplash protecting simultaneously space around your sink, range and countertops. The Mexican tile murals are combining to perfection the idea of functionality and beauty.

mexican day of the dead tile mural kitchen backsplash

Generally, our decorative tiles are being installed mostly in the kitchens and bathrooms due to their durability and easiness to clean. There are also very simple in maintenance and installation and besides all those practical advantages, there are just an incredibly ingenious, colorful and fun thing to have in your home. Just go ahead and check out collection of handmade tile murals. If you are looking for some Southern, Mexican vibes for kitchen counters so you get just smile each time you are preparing yourself a meal, those tiles are just right for you. Of you get fascinated by Mexican Tile murals with “Dia de los Muertos”, represented so beautifully in the movie Coco, you will get in love with our painted mural tiles collection as well.

mexican tile mural with day of the dead for kitchen backspalsh

Now, once you choose a design for your kitchen renovation, now you should think about the murals layout. If you want to keep your kitchen in one color scheme, you can use our Mexican backsplash tiles as an accent in the middle of the kitchen wall. You can also use mural Mexican tiles for your wall, decorating the whole wall area behind the kitchen countertops. With hand-painted, original tiles, preparing the food will suddenly become a much more enjoyable day. With their vibrant colors and striking Mexican designs-decorative kitchen tiles are an eye-catching element in your kitchen, working equally well with contemporary and traditional interiors in homes and in commercial use.

mexican day of the dead tile

Therefore, do not hesitate and have a look at our mural collection and add to your kitchen interior wall decoration our Mexican backsplash tiles mural. Our murals can also be used for decorating kitchen walls and counters. Furthermore, we manufacture in the most authentic and artistic way, other tiles such as Talavera tiles or relief tiles which will be ideal for a home décor project and will embrace perfectly the idea of arts and customs. Our hand-made and hand-painted Mexican tile murals for backsplash consist of many different sizes and themes. Mexican Day of the Dead tile murals are beautiful and practical. Talavera tile murals have been decorating homes in Europe and Latin America for centuries now, but recently Mexican tile murals design with La Catrina, skulls, marigolds, monarch butterflies, became more popular than ever. The rest of the world has appreciated now the Mexican culture that one of the few in the world celebrates the dead with a sense of happiness, respect and humor and what is more creates those incredible designs and patterns.