Apart of the rich flavor of tequila and more sophisticated cuisine, Mexico is also known for its unique, colonial but cheerful architecture with Mexican Talavera tiles as one of the main element of interior and exterior designs. Those white and blue pieces of art are by far the most amazing ways to add Mexican or, more generally, rustic flair into your home. Whether you just wish to fill a new empty house or you want to make a small rearrangement in your kitchen or bathroom, cheap hand painted Mexican Talavera tiles will make a great for brightness and warmth into any area. Either walls, stair risers or kitchen counters painted ceramics add elegance and functionality to your farmhouse décor.

These colorful ceramic talavera tiles fit perfectly in your bright kitchen or dining room as well as in your exteriors. Imagine your garden decorated with them giving your terrace extra colonial style reminding us of its origin in the little Southern city of Spain. Who would not like to have a patio transformed in worm Southern sanctuary where all dinners will taste much better? This is how painted Mexican Talavera tiles designs do the magic. They bring joy and happiness to the darkest and austere decoration.

mexican talavera tiles

We are proud to say that we continue the beautiful ceramic tradition that became popular in the Mexican city of Puebla in the 16th century, integrating the Spanish techniques and art by creating an extraordinary Talavera tile pattern. Until presence, our Mexican Talavera ceramics are hand-crafted and hand-painted on a white background and decorated with decorative designs by our local artisans, embracing this beautiful tradition and adding joy to any space at your home. Being a symbol of opulence in the family, the blue pigment used in Talavera tiles production was considered expensive and of the highest quality, Talavera ceramics are still an option for Spanish haciendas and mansions of the elite. Those stunning tiles are seen as a sign of Mexican excellence and their fame spread around the world and nowadays, they are trendy designing elements that are being utilized a multitude of arrangements. Hand Painted Mexican Talavera tiles can be installed in the interiors.

Picture yourself cooking dinner and overlooking your backsplash. Buy them to cheer you up even if there is a pile of dishes waiting to be cleaned or having a relaxing bath in your rustic bathtub, ornamented with Mexican tiles. They are also widely used for the exteriors to decorate the dinner tables top, the fountains or fireplaces and door frames. They are very durable so there is no problem in installing handcrafted tiles outside unless you have minus temperatures. Unfortunately, there are nor frost resisting.