You want to keep your bathroom or lavatory in a fresh, bright and cheerful style? Take under consideration installing a hand painted Mexican toilet. Sometimes people are afraid to use bold colors in smaller spaces but they are perfect to get creative and to step outside the comfort zone.

painted mexican toilet for a bathroom

Your lavatory does not have to be kept in whites and simple shapes to look comfortable. While they can be quite challenging, introducing Mexican patterns can bring into life your standard room. Occasionally a small space can benefit from a statement piece of Mexican hand painted bathroom toilet. All of our decorative lavatory fixtures are manufactured in Mexico and therefore inspired by the vivid art and landscapes of this incredible country. Installing a painted Mexican bathroom toilet and Spanish pendant lights or vintage iron mirrors is a clever choice that can turn your powder room into a Southern sanctuary.

hand painted toilet installed in a bathroom

If what you are remodeling is a generous bathroom, the decoration process will be even more fun and actually easier as you have a lot of space to play with and you can add pieces of furniture that will add charm, elegance and vintage flair to it. If you check our online website, you will see that we are offering plumbing fixture in form of Talavera sink, hand painted bathroom toilet with seat and ceramic accessories. That’s way you can pair colonial inspired sets with white walls and a large mirror, adding depth and lightness that enlarges the space. To create a perfect Mexican room, you may consider using Talavera tiles in vivid colors of terracotta, blue or yellow for walls, injecting traditional hacienda motifs as well and some wooden, old looking chest for instance or a copper vintage bathtub that we also produce.

painted toilet from Mexico

On the other hand, if you do not wish to be drowned by the colorfulness, you can paint plain colors and just choose your talavera toilet in contrasting ones. Using Talavera washbasin and a painted Mexican bathroom toilet is the best way to create a typical Southern style. Our sets are often used to decorate traditional farmhouse and hacienda residential and commercial bathrooms. You have a choice of purchasing WC alone or, as we previously mentioned, combine it with ceramic sink that can be found in patterns such as figures of birds, lizards or flowers and cactus inspired by the folklore of Mexico. The good news is that all our Mexican toilet designs have equivalent patterns in WC seats and decorative tiles. If you love the colonial charm and prefer places that explode with coziness and cheerfulness, a hand made Mexican bathroom toilet is the ideal relaxing retreat for you.