Looking to add some bucolic and picturesque style into your interiors? You want to give life to your rustic-looking kitchen or dining room Consider installing one of our hand painted Mexican tile murals for kitchen walls, backslashes and countertops.

We can imagine them not only in the interiors. Why not placing them in your patio or balcony to embrace the beautiful views you already have with some bright and cheerful scenes of country landscapes and villages? Remember that Mexican tile murals are functional, beautiful, and practical, it is easy to care for so it can be easily installed in both interiors and exteriors (as long as you do not have freezing temperatures).

painted kitchen tile mural from Mexico

The natural scenery for those incredible works of art is a kitchen. Our Mexican tile murals are applicable for decorating backsplash with one of the pictures representing farmhouse daily life, fruits wine, Spanish colonial architecture and country scenery and many more. Therefore, do not leave your walls white like everyone else and opt for creating a unique rustic ambiance with those hand-made and hand-painted murals. Apart from protecting your cooking area from splashes and stains, without a doubt, they will make a great statement piece in your kitchen. They can also be installed for kitchen walls and counters if you want to go full with this style, adding more authentic Mexican elements.

If you are considering decorating your backsplash with decorative tile murals have a look at our vast collection of handcrafted kitchen tiles. We created a search menu on our Web page so you can sort your favorite talavera tile murals by colors or themes such as animal tiles, floral tiles or dead of the dead inspired tiles. With our vast image catalog, you are just one stop from finding the perfect painted tile murals for your kitchen. Another great news is that all of our products are highly customizable and the Mexican tile mural is not an exception. In consequence, if you have found the image you love but the standard size is not suitable for the space you are remodeling, we can make it according to your requirements. Additionally, we offer you a choice of buying kitchen ceramics with a hand-painted border or without them. We are always trying to create the most unique products that will be proud of your home and not another replica of some standard picture from a mass productive maker.

Beside kitchens, any of our Mexican tile murals, is ideal for other home decor projects including decorating your garden table, walls, your fireplace and why not, even a bathroom. Because handmade ceramic tiles are glazed, they can be also used in wet areas shower and sauna. If your room is bright enough you can decorate one of the walls with some stunning image of colonial houses or the archway to the vineyard. The images of talavera murals should bring you positive and relaxing vibes so you can start your day on a good term.