Welcome to the best place to find hand painted Mexican tiles and Talavera tile murals shipped worldwide directly from Mexico which is the country known for the quality work in glazed tiles. Mexican Talavera tiles are actually one of the main elements of interior and exterior design and architecture. Those cheerful and multicolored pieces of art are by far one of the most amazing ways to add Mexican or, more generally, rustic flair into your home. Whether you just want to make a smaller change in the layout of any space or to make a rearrangement in your kitchen or bathroom, Mexican Talavera tiles will make a great fit to add brightness and warmth. You can consider tiles for your walls, decorating backsplash or kitchen counter with our Mexican tiles or adding some ceramic appliances such as Talavera tiles sinks and toilets.

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We offer thousands of Mexican tile patterns in folk art, classic colonial and traditional country style. Just let your imagination fly and decorate backsplash and bathroom wall, stair risers and any other home decor projects with our Talavera tiles. The brightly colored Talavera tiles and rustic Mexican tiles have been in use throughout Latin America, Europe and North America for centuries. Shop from the only supplier on the Internet shipping unlimited quantities and variety of Mexican ceramic tiles worldwide directly from Dolores Hidalgo, the cradle of Mexican tiles glazing. Talavera is a type of majolica earthenware, a white and glazed type of ceramic. Although it were the Spaniards that introduced this type of pottery, ironically nowadays the Talavera production is recognized by the Mexican craft ad not the Spanish one. In fact, Talavera is the oldest tin-glazed ceramic in America and it is still being manufactured with the same techniques as in its origins.

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Apart of a grand variety of tiles designs, you can also find many models of Mexican Talavera toilets at our Web page that can be purchased as a part of a stunning bathroom set consisting of hand painted sink, Talavera toilet, Mexican toilet seat and ceramic accessories that are kept in the same style. The Mexican wooden toilet seat will add this extra rustic vibe and many ceramic elements such as toothbrush holder, towel hook, towel holder and bathroom paper holder will give this bright and funny flair that Mexico is famous for.

Last but not least, check our vibrantly and skillfully hand-crafted Mexican Talavera sinks that are inspired by Mexican, vibrant culture. They are simply fabulous! Choose from a superb collection of bathroom sinks, designed to color-up your bathroom. Until now the most popular products from Mexico were oval sinks for undermount drop-in counter installation. The latest trend however in rustic home improvement is round and rectangular vessel model that is sold in many versions on our Web page. Our ceramic Mexican tiles are an excellent choice for any home renovation project. If you want to purchase them for the kitchen backsplash, counter or bathroom walls, read our Talavera tiles blog for more information. It will help you to make the decision once you are buying online.