We all enjoy Mexican tiles for a kitchen backsplash and wall that brings a lot of warmth to the space. Our painted tiles and talavera murals are ideal to create that bright and cheerful farmhouse. It will make you feel marvelous while cooking for your family and entertaining guests. The Mexican kitchen tiles will add the perfect match we would all love to see at our kitchen backslash or counter.

Mexican tiles in a kitchen on a wall backsplash

The enormous variety of styles we offer in our online outlet with ceramic high relief tiles and beautifully painted rich designed solid color rustic tiles, will guarantee perfect match for your kitchen backsplash and the rest of the walls. If you are a fan of joyful and bright vibes and at the same time a deeply practical person, you should consider installing Mexican tiles in a kitchen. our collections and have fun with the pops of colors. Mexican tiles for kitchen backsplash and wall are a must and a perfect addition to anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen and the latest fashion that consists of the opening up room towards the dining room gives you the opportunity to keep your home in a coherent rustic and lighthearted style.

If you are not afraid of strong statements, consider purchasing one of the our Spanish patterns from the menu option of Mexican tiles for kitchen backsplash and wall designs that consist of multicolored patterns ranging from floral or abstract designs to more figurative representations of Mexican nature, animals, landscapes and traditions such as Day of the Dead. Let your imagination fly with those incredible decorative but always high-quality tiles from Mexico. We also sell them in an arranged variety of patterns such as “Mexican Folk Tile Mix” or “Hacienda Mexican Tile Mix”. This category is an absolute winner as accent tiles for your Mexican tile backsplash. You can also opt for something simpler or gentler by choosing at our classic tiles that are famous for its traditional white and blue designs.

The good news is that you can install Mexican tiles on a kitchen backsplash and counter. Handcrafted Mexican tiles even though quite soft in their nature, (because made of red clay), are fired at high temperature in the industrial ovens. The firing lasts about eight hours and rises to more or less seven hundred Celsius degrees. The heat bakes the paint and creates a transparent layer of glaze protecting both hand painted design as well as the surface. It makes tiles from Mexico water resistant and sealed. Keep in mind that surface is going to develop hazing effect that is typical to Talavera ceramic. Still, Mexican kitchen tiles are a good choice for counters and backsplash, they are very decorative and add a lot of character.