Painted Mexican tile patterns reflect the diversity and richness of its own culture, traditions and art. We are very proud to say that we are offering one of the biggest collections of tile patterns influenced by Arabic culture of Northern Africa, Spain and Mexican folk art. The authentic Mexican tile, you buy usually as Talavera tile, came out of this encounter of civilizations. Mexico has been producing Talavera tiles since the Spaniards came to this region and taught them the technique of tile glazing and tile production, already known in Europe. Ceramics from Mexico are decorated with at least four different colors. The background can be creamy white or red, terracotta, brown, yellow or blue. There are over a thousand different tile patterns on Mexican Tile site in all standard sizes shapes and presentations. Depending on the climate, the tiles can be used indoors and also outdoors. Inside the house, they are often installed on the kitchen backsplash, counter and bathroom walls including shower.

As you can see you can use them all of the spaces of your home and our elaborated side menu will help you to choose the perfect handmade Mexican tile pattern. Find your perfect palette by opening the menu of Mexican tile by color or by theme. You will soon discover that Mexican ceramic tiles are critical ingredients for Spanish style homes and also can be used as an accent element in more modern layouts. All of our tile patterns are hand-painted which is a characteristic of Spanish Colonial design and they add a pop of color to a home. Hand painted Mexican tile patterns come in a variety of designs like pointed stars, floral patterns, animals and medallions. These added elements make hand-painted tile an authentic old world look. If you want to add a bold statement, you can always choose from some of our more multicolored tiles or even a figurative art that present Mexican landscapes, people and festivities. The classic Talavera style will be a great addition in the gardens, terraces, fountains or door frames. They are usually cobalt and white and they can be found in many architectural treasures in Mexico.

Mexican tiles patterns for sale

Some of our Mexican tile patterns can also function as a border or accent tiles to more modest design. For example, you can choose one main, plain for your kitchen and then use some more colors for decorating shelves frame or tabletop etc. They can be used as border tiles to balconies, archways, and stairs as well. On the contrary, get bold and choose different pattern at each stair riser. It will look just fabulous! You can also go full Mexican crazy and opt for splashes of bright colors and mix different hand painted Mexican tile patterns such as cobalt blue Talavera tiles in the shower that will be compliment with red and green decorative tiles dressing up the bathroom counters.