Classic patterns of Mexican Tile are usually associated with colorful designs that are problematic to coexist with the majority of designing layouts and rarely applicable in typical European and North American home style. Many persons claim that those Talavera tiles are made of contrasting colors often thought as not really working well together when comparing with grey and very light colors used by the designers. Well, you may be surprised to know that there are a lot of Mexican tile designs with very simple geometric patterns made of maximum of two colors. The tile background is a solid color and the tile patterns are handcrafted in terracotta, cobalt and yellow or vice verse. Another positive news is that many interior decorators are reaching for painted Mexican tile classic patterns while creating all kind of decors, not only Southwestern or colonial Hacienda style.

mexican tile patterns

Check by yourself our collection of painted Mexican tile classic patterns and you will be delighted to discover a tremendous spectrum of opportunities to create incomparable ambiances. Whether you want to keep your design traditional, modern or a bit playful, decorating with Talavera tile is easy to do. The tile combinations are literally endless so get creative in style you are looking for. The obvious choice for Mexican tile classic pattern would be colonial or Mexican style interior. If you love the look of Southwestern design, Talavera tiles are ideal for your next decorating or remodel project. Handcrafted and infused with the rich history of Mexican art, they add a creative and colorful touch to any kitchen, bathroom, patio or any other area you might use accent tile. Consider placing our classic Mexican tiles as a pop of Folk inspiration in most contemporary or even minimalist designs. No matter what country you are in and what climate you have, you can bring an element of bright and cheerful Mexico into your house.

painted tiles with Mexican patterns

Think about all the advantages of classic tile patterns. They are mostly hand painted in blue and white which are nice colors to match with pretty much anything. Talavera tiles are an eye-catching accent in kitchens and baths, decorative ceramic tiles are also perfect for covering the risers on a staircase or the walls of a patio. They are so flexible in their application that it allows you to be creative and use them in any room of your home. Best of all, classic Mexican tiles are long-lasting and not difficult at all to maintain. Therefore they are great for those practical projects that will give you excellent effect in a short time and little money.