Our Mexican tiles are handmade and hand painted in the state of Guanajuato which is a central region of Mexico famous for its craft in many areas including the traditional production of tiles. The authentic handmade Mexican tiles are called often Talavera tiles and have a long tradition dating back to the 16th century when Mexico was under the colonial rule of the Spanish Empire. While colonizing Mexico, the Spaniards shared their knowledge of pottery and tile making with the indigenous population. This craft got so popular that the tradition has been kept alive, using remarkably similar techniques to this day, developing outstanding and unparalleled designs influenced by Spanish know-how and Mexican innovative art. Handmade Mexican tiles are not only hand painted ceramics but also their shape is cut by specialized craftsmen. It can make the tiles to vary slightly in sizes. If you are an admirer of rustic style that embraces the authenticity and imperfection, in a sense of being the opposite of massive production, you will love our products! Tiles from Mexico are not flat either, what only adds more rustic character to them. The choppy texture gives them this truthfulness that transports us to other worlds, once that everything was done by artisans and all decorating elements were true pieces of art.

handmade tiles hand painted in Mexico

Our handmade Mexican tiles are inspired by local art, landscapes and customs. Thanks to their variety in colors and patterns they are suitable for a wild range of decor situations such as bathroom walls, kitchen backsplash, pool surrounds, stair risers, patios and floors. They are extremely popular to be installed at the kitchen backsplash in Talavera design or as a mural. Our clients decorate their outdoors with them quite often. They will look amazing in your patio’s walls or at tabletop of your outdoor dining set and even as an accent for decorating fountains and fireplaces. These Mexican ceramics are full of colors and textures. You can find them in plain colors, two-color (especially in cobalt blue and white) or crazy cheerful and multicolored. You will be able to find a perfect fit for any style, rustic, modern, Colonial etc. You should only know that they can be used in “semi-wet” situations like kitchen or bathroom backsplash. They are not so recommendable for a use as floor tiles due to their rough texture. Mexican tiles handmade and hand painted are not perfectly suited to outside use as the glaze does crack from freeze conditions. However, if you are living in a sunny climate, they will be a durable decorating element east to clean and maintain.