Mexico inherited and integrated so many aspects from Spanish culture and lifestyle that sometimes it is difficult to talk about Mexican tiles without referring to them as Spanish style ceramic tiles. Mexican architecture and interior design are heavily inspired by this Mediterranean country that shares similar sunny climate and for that, a love for bright and intense colors, rich hues and ornamented patterns that are still used in the art of pottery. Therefore, Spanish style ceramic tiles are still produced in Mexico that took the craft of tin-glazing to an even more sophisticated level, making it its own and unquestionable style.

handmade spanish ceramic tiles

Nowadays, many designers use terms- Spanish tiles and Mexican tiles– as equivalents. Mexican artisans continue the tradition of authentic tile production with hand-made painting and use of characteristic colors and designs. Even though Spain was the cradle of Spanish style ceramic tiles, today it is a Mexican tile that is recognized as the best quality, most interesting design and beloved by the homeowners from all over the world. The origin of Spanish style tiles is the result of coexistence of many cultures that would inhabit Spain and its proximity in the past. Spanish interior design has a lot in common with the styles of its Mediterranean neighbors, who have shared architectural and craftsmanship for centuries, and so we can see the resemblance in modern Mexican tiles with Moorish symmetry, Portuguese patterns and French charm.

It is easy to fall in love with hand-painted ceramic tiles while travelling around this vast country. Being one of the most popular forms of decorating haciendas, churches or fountains, the Mexican tile can be spotted anywhere from coastal cities such as Puerto Vallarta or Palya de Carmen to colonial cities like San Miguel de Allende or Guanajuato, all of them are flooded with extraordinary work in tiling. In the current market, there are a variety of Spanish patterns in use. Our handmade tiles can be ordered in three, basic styles. They can be hand-painted in a plain design choosing between an infinity of colors, giving the opportunity to tile bigger areas such as kitchen, bathroom or patio’s walls. They can obviously be bought online in its classic form- white and blue, reminding us of the origin of the Talavera tiles in the 16th century when it was the most popular option for adorning haciendas of the Mexican elite. Last but not least, we can offer you more complex designs tiles with more sophisticated designs, ideal for accent tiling to give a chosen area a fresh and original vibe.