Nowadays natural and earthly materials like wood, stone and tiles are in vogue. We all want to find harmony and peace in our homes and fired-clay tiles are eco-friendly, affordable and very classic. Within this category, Mexican terra cotta tiles seem like the favorite product chosen by exterior designers, architects and homeowners. Usually, we associate the term “Mexican tiles” with cheerful, intense and multicolored pieces of art, but Mexican tile glazing is influenced by Spanish heritage and Spain’ most-used tile is actually plain, terracotta that can be found in many farmhouses and in public spaces to tile benches, floors, garden areas etc. The tone of terra cotta tile varies depending on the origin of its clay and it can go from yellow to dark brown hues. Our high-quality clay creates a stunning reddish like Mexico beloved toasted chilli peppers.

handmade mexican ceramic terra cotta tiles

Whether you just want to make a smaller change in the layout of any space or to make a rearrangement in your kitchen or bathroom, Mexican Talavera tiles will make a great fit to add warmth and Southern feel to your home. It can be also used in considerable home improvement projects like laying the floor in all rooms, the pavement in your garden and the area of the swimming-pool. Because our handcrafted tiles are glazed, the tile is waterproof and can be sued in the exteriors. Rustic terra cotta tiles have a tactile finish and a rich, warm colour, perfect for a more traditional home. Each rectangular is made by a man and therefore there might be some imperfection but precisely this human touch makes Mexican terra cotta tiles so appealing and vintage looking.

The term terracotta comes from Italian and means “baked earth,” and as a category of ceramic tile, it refers to tiles created from a particularly porous and easily shaped clay with a high iron content that gives the tiles their characteristic reddish/brown color. Mexican ceramic tiles hand-painted in terra cotta are one of the most popular colors. Terra cotta tiles come in two variations. On one side, they are solid color on the other, they might be finished with the washed technique that consists of painting Mexican tiles in white first and then washing them with terra cotta color paint. It makes handmade ceramic tiles rustic and antique looking. The old-world charm of our Mexican terra cotta tiles makes them a good material when certain regional home styles are desired—it is a perfect fit for Mexican, Mediterranean, or Southwest decors.