Mexican Tiles

Handmade Mexican Tiles, painted Talavera Murals for kitchen backsplash and counter, bathroom shower wall and decorative relief ceramic tiles for stair risers.


mexican terracotta tiles

Terracotta Tiles for Floors and Stairs

Mexican, ceramic tiles add warmth to an interior, especially when added to a striking staircase. If you are looking to create a cohesive look between your interiors and the outdoor stair risers, consider our terracotta tiles for floors and stairs that are suitable for both environments. Wherever you live, bring a Southern feel to your home with beautiful, handmade ceramic products that enliven and brighten instantly kitchens, dining rooms, entry halls, and many more areas.

Mexican Terra Cotta Tiles

Nowadays natural and earthly materials like wood, stone and tiles are in vogue. We all want to find harmony and peace in our homes and fired-clay tiles are eco-friendly, affordable and very classic. Within this category, Mexican terra cotta tiles... Continue Reading →

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